2020 Recap So Far
President Donald Trump at a Make America Great Again rally in Johnson City, Tenn., on Oct. 1, 2018. (Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times)

2020 Recap So Far

Back in February, the President was attacked once again after the claim he was involved in collusion with Russia fell apart. He was wronged then, and in fact surveilled illegally. He was politically assaulted as he took office. He obtained no public apology.

So then they said he was involved in a quid-pro-quo with the Ukraine. I would think that a joke really. IT suggested that people thought it wrong for him to involve himself in foreign policy period. They actually took a vote on impeachment for him getting involved in foreign policy. As far as I can tell, this was an assault by Ukrainian Jews who wanted to control all interactions with the Ukraine that had been set up by George Soros. Control by this faction, violates the administration and its central role in the control of foreign policy.

Then after Nancy wore White at the State of the Union Address, a fake pandemic arose locking everyone down , in accordance with WHO and the Chinese politburo. It soon became apparent the target here was US small business, as P Trump desired to ramp up US manufacturing and decrease Chinese imports, especially of sensitive items we require for defense, and for internal stability in a crisis like personal protection equipment. Ironically we found ourselves in the position of requiring PPEs from China, as well as all drugs we needed. Now, they propose manufacturing the vaccines we need for COVID-19. Very corrupt practice, in which we find ourselves for they produce the virus and also want to make the vaccine, and they want to control our country.

As we broke out of the imposed lockdown carried out indirectly by China, an Antifa uprising occurred in which they wanted to create the impression it was dangerous to go outside, so you would remain in a self-imposed lockdown. They have involved US Blacks in which their goals were to commit crimes protesting against the government, and abolish the police to stoke their movement. The president moved to oust the Antifa elements causing the problems. I have no idea how effective this has been. The president’s generals actually went public wishing to distance themselves from P Trump, rather than deal with Antifa and wayward governors.

We must reject control by people at State and in the NSC placed there by Soros who want to control our foreign policy, especially regarding the Ukraine. These people must be weeded out of the NSC and State Department. What bothers me is that this is not an overt process. It would help dealing with the trouble in the Ukraine, if we took care of the problem here. So far- no arrests. Some people have been deappointed. Obviously our government needs to fight back, and it will eventually win in centralizing our administration. Soros is being aided and abetted by people like Romney, Biden, Clinton, and Pelosi who are a corrupting influence here and in the Ukraine, treating it like their personal turf and acting like mobsters, with mobsters.

The growing threat to our safety from Antifa within our country- this includes Muslims, Latinos, Russians, and Asians – will require careful planning and discernment for they have been growing in numbers now for two decades. There is a need for much more internal security in places that can disrupt our normal economic flow – thus jeopardizing our health, wealth, and personal safety. Many found it a surprise to see their store shelves emptied. These things can happen quickly. Thugs can take over city centers. The people organizing these disruptive situations need to be confronted and funding cut off, and until then citizens at risk will have to be supported by police and military actions as needed.



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