2020 Vision

2020 Vision

We have taken the red pill.


  1. WE have endured a former president who intended to lower our society, to level it out globally, and
  2. WE have suffered from propaganda and lies from our former free press, as it has been bought and converted as a mouthpiece for corporations seeking profits rather than honor the social contract for which it was purposed to wit: to inform the public, stop illegalities,  and usurpation, and
  3. WE have been molested by information gathering without our assent, this information distributed in ways unknown, for unknown purposes, and thus we have suffered a loss to ourselves, and our privacy: our right to be left alone and to freely associate without stalking and oppressive oversight, and
  4. WE have watched our parents and other elderly DIE before God’s ledger entry from neglect, and imposed thrift, they being coaxed to end their lives for the smallest of health inconveniences, and,
  5. WE have seen our children cast aside form universities and employment, their intelligence unused, they being displaced from institutions we have build to educate ourselves, by foreign people receiving free education as a result of foreign aid from our own legislators, and
  6. WE have been invaded as our borders have gone unenforced as drugs, diseases, and trafficking in humans as both children and adults has gone about freely without strict impediment, leaving jurisdictions and pertinent laws uncertain, and no control over who enters our nation affecting our personal security, and a lawless lack of governance over our population and stability in employment, drug networks operating within our country from outside without serious prosecution, interlopers coming to our nation travelling from shitholes so fouled and hellbent that they breed dangerous diseases, without our ability to stop them or clean up for them, and
  7. WE have been insulted and told we cannot reproduce because we are deficient in our gonads, when in reality we have been purposefully repressed from growing our families and enjoying their company, and
  8. WE are watching as our government is unable to arrest large numbers of serious criminals at large in our nation who have intentionally corrupted our country and its economic system, even releasing felons into our midst without shame or remorse, and
  9.  We have seen major corporations of the United States invaded and corrupted from within, its intellectual property stolen for the sake of promoting foreign companies instead of our own, and  
  10. We have been unfairly treated in our own country by former immigrants that came here, and treated us as foreigners, who in their thanklessness impose their own designs upon us to degrade our culture, who refuse to assimilate into our culture and gang up to eject us from our own institutions so they may be the sole occupants, who then dare to preach to us our need for diversity, when they themselves detest diversity, who themselves make up any sort of self-aggrandizing deceptions and lies, who use our children as their soldiers and victims, our own elected officials bribed, who then dote upon them and join in their schemes, and
  11. WE have been told to abandon our morals and religion, our independence, liberty, and freedom of will and soul for the purpose of profits and assimilation,


WE have acquired a clear vision of necessary remedies in this year 2020

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