2020:  Year of our Discontent?

2020: Year of our Discontent?

According to many sources this might be the year in which things start to change- the budgetary problems we have, the trade problems, the monopolistic cartels that seem to control us, the low wages of the average citizen, uncontrolled voting, inaction by our executive, substantial inflation, price fixing going on for years, while they discus Stormy Daniels etc. The people getting arrested and legally confronted are P Trump’s supporters, while the talk about the Clintons just goes on and on. Even Hunter Biden: Did he do something wrong? He will be courting the babes in CA surely, and if they ever come for him, may seek refuge in a CA sanctuary.

I knew something wasn’t right, when Clinton’s internet provider plead the fifth, after being given immunity for testifying. This was rigged up! Now the chairmanships of all Congressional committees are being bought (the system Congress employs for some reason) and given to all Jews from NY. Where is the Diversity? Where is our representation? There is no response from Congress.

There is a sense that they are trying to bore the baby with conflicting information until it goes back to sleep. It is fairly well understood that a bunch of island hopping billionaires are creating fake events all over the place, and the press is treating all these as if they are real. To our government, this is sedition. Our government may request the press’ participation in an national emergency, but these people are not our government. And … our government is doing nothing about it. These media companies should be totally stopped, and the company disbanded unless there is a change in their manner of operation. The president should be able to suggest replacements for corrupt CEOs. All it takes is a few conversations.

Companies like our media need regulation, not less regulation. It is a rotten game- Facebook telling Congress they should pass laws, and Congress taking Facebook’s money and not passing anything. The public is being treated like a total fool. We expected P Trump to break up monopolies and high, fixed pricing. No such thing.

If our government is losing control, no one seems to be concerned. our foreign policy is not being run by P Trump, but by the National Security Council, and P Trump does not seem to know who they are. They are listening in on his conversations with foreign leaders and communicating to people through backchannels, it seems without restriction.

It appears as though this is setting up like WWII. I would guess if something drastic is not done, the Chinese will roll into our country to industrially takeover, directed and encouraged by Wall St. Is there only one national leader acting on behalf of the nation? If there are others why aren’t they organizing to handle these problems?

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