Nicaraguan massacre

International reporters have finally told us something about Nicaragua- so it must reinforce main stream dialog.  Otherwise there is nothing coming from there. In Peru and also now Nicaragua,  land set aside as a refuge or study area, is being invaded by people who are using the resources, stripping the land of forest, planting, and generally taking possession by force.  Just now, 80 so called settlers invaded a Nicaraguan Biosphere within which indigenous people were murdered, some taken hostage and homes were burned down.  According to the people of the Biosphere this goes on, and the government does nothing. The…


Money Who?

  Yes, these are good times.  Contageon!  WHO springs to the forefront.  Who ever selected them?  Why do people listen to them?  Who are they?  Some weirdos from the UN? Because of the rapid transmission of the disease, WHO is declaring a global emergency.   The head of WHO, an Ethiopian educated in England, tells that we should not let this effect our travel plans or engagement in trade.  Even the US government has cautioned us against travel to China, but not WHO.  What gives? According to Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO head, declaring an emergency just means funds are released to…


2020 Vision

We have taken the red pill. Whereas, WE have endured a former president who intended to lower our society, to level it out globally, and WE have suffered from propaganda and lies from our former free press, as it has been bought and converted as a mouthpiece for corporations seeking profits rather than honor the social contract for which it was purposed to wit: to inform the public, stop illegalities,  and usurpation, and WE have been molested by information gathering without our assent, this information distributed in ways unknown, for unknown purposes, and thus we have suffered a loss to…


The 5G Borg

I wondered who approved of the 5G network deployment.  It just appeared like a bad wave.  Who was responsible?  Believe it or not- it is the worldly equivalent of the Borg: the Chinese and their network masters from Davos. In Star Trek the Borg were a fearsome collective, part living thing and part machine - a Frankenperson.  They were all connected like a network and acted as a group.  Once you got their attention, the Borg were relentless in their pursuits desiring to convert all living things into similar networks. Part of this network is the human brain interface in…


Celebrity Homes: Homeless shelters?

Billy Joel, who has not aged as well as his former wife, has a home so large, with millions of connected hallways, he has no idea what is going on within his property.   It seems to me that if you could establish where someone like Joel tends to spend his time, maybe 1 or 2 rooms, then you could enter somewhere on the other side and set up a living quarters for yourself. Obviously here, a large part of his dwelling was just storage for his various collections.  One might also wonder about their personal safety within their homes.  If…


Kobe Black bird

This was the photo of Kobe with his helo in 2020.  It kept bothering me that the helo on the ground was blue and white.   I believe originally it was Blue/White and was repainted Black to personalize it.  What gives?  Good thing the helo crash site was right on a footpath for easy access.   Maybe the fire burned the black off.  The aircraft identified itself as 72EX.  Slam dunk! Video of the chopper over Glendale seems to indicate the chopper is Black.  Even cartoons of the flightpath show the chopper as black.  I mean, if yo see the wreckage, doesn't…


Quid Pro Quo

The Quid Pro Quo is a serious matter, presently being discussed in the impeachment trial.  Did the president use a quid pro quo when he both withheld military aid, and requested an investigation into the activities of Hunter Biden?  The Democrats said yes, the president said no. I think in this particular case involving the Ukraine, we have to go along with the president that there was no quid pro quo.  But in other dealings not involving this impeachment business and the Ukraine, it could be a quid pro quo, and there would be nothing wrong with that.  Perhaps after…


Bolton on my holsters

Is John Bolton what the Democrats need?  He is recently making a living acting as a frontman for the neocons.   That is Life, if you are not of the manor borne, but reasonably intelligent and greedy. One thing is certain.  IF Bolton was rejected, it meant P Trump rejected his shoot from the hip overtures.  Yes, P Trump used him- to make it look like he was going on the warpath.  Bolton left because in reality he was not.

Kobe Bryant:  President
FILE - In this Sept. 28, 2011, file photo, U.S. basketball star Kobe Bryant plays with a ball during a sponsor's appearance in Milan, Italy. In Europe where Bryant grew up, the retired NBA star is being remembered for his "Italian qualities." Italian basketball federation president Giovanni Petrucci tells The Associated Press that Bryant is "particularly important to us because he knew Italy so well, having lived in several cities here. He had a lot of Italian qualities." (AP Photo/Luca Bruno, File)

Kobe Bryant: President

President Clinton sent Kobe Bryant a booklist to read, grooming him for president.  Who would make a better president Bryant, or Hunter Biden?  Probably Hunter because he would be more believable in the role.  Kobe, according to Clinton, was qualified - popular, and already a rapist and a rape denier.  He could have played golf and B-Ball, and who knows, perhaps Clinton could have turned him onto cocaine, alt-sex, and mink. WE know Biden and his family- Hunter has been assisted by his old man all his life, through law school and throughout his short  legal career writing laws for…


The State of the Clinton Foundation

Hillary Clinton is off her Foundation, and  has been hiding out in England, just in case.  No doubt she is keenly aware of investigations into the Clinton Foundation.  The magnitude of the racketeering there apparently was ginormous.  That is possibly why it is hard to process.  I have always claimed it is possible to arrest Clinton on one of many charges, just to keep her from creating additional problems for the investigators. The real reason Hillary wanted to kill Julian Assange with a drone, may be because she was afraid of what else he may have recovered and might make…


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