Duality in a Time of Uncertainty

We are all aware of the duality at Google: Free Products but they collect information about you, which they can use any way they see fit.  Even if the data is illegal to use publicly, it can be used secretly.  This is like the government justice system using spy techniques to acquire information illegally, they can use, its just they cannot tell you they have it.  We all know the company "Ancestry", which gave people an unreal view of their ancestors, but additionally they collected and databased people's DNA to be used as they see fit.  DNA info depending on…


How to get the health Care System to Lower rates?

For years the cost of medical care, from heart surgeries to MRI scans could not be managed, the rates controlled.  WE look around, despite the high rates, they have no business and are laying people off because there are no patients.  Could this be a way to control health care costs?  Perhaps the power has been in the hand of the people all along.  Hypochondriacs, do not fear.  You made it through the COVID-19 virus, and with mental focus, you can bring these rates down.  


Perdition in Purdue?

We are not taking chickens here.  Purdue, is hell bent on reopening this Fall already.  But face it, with distance learning many of these sprawling land grant institutions are dinosaurs, affordable and unable to keep up with innovation.  The promise of these places was to provide an educational uplift for the average citizen, and they have mutated into something else.  Why would anyone want to pay exorbitant rents, and tuition to go to these havens of Communism?  Liberty dictates.  Nature hates a vacuum.  In times of distress, the more economical pathway is supreme.  Yes, I xeroxed books, and I would…


Congress sparks Protests

There are lots of complaints about the recovery package signed into law.  First, many large companies are taking the lions share of the money, including CEOs who are pocketing the money and quitting.  This was done without a screening process, so the intended parties, i.e. small businesses with < 500 employees, are often getting nothing.  The Lakers are getting this money which is entirely nonessential. Additionally, it was immediately obvious the generous payouts to the unemployed, would cause unrest for those continuing to work and facing risks because of the virus.  Well, here it is - large scale work stoppages.…



It is an amazingly dumb thought process, but people (gay people?) are asking why God did I get COVID-19?  If you believe in God, then why did you get this illness? They are trying to acquire adherents (atheists) by resorting to complaints about people getting sick.  In the case of HIV it is clear: bad lifestyle choice, maladaptive behavior is responsible.  But what of COVID-19?  God, where did we go wrong?  Aren't we just innocent victims? We might ask why the Chinese did not care about people in the US getting this virus.  Could it be that we supported an…


Eclectic Nation?

I watched a news segment about Muslims in Milwaukee.  It portrayed the Mosque as people enjoying Ramadan, like we enjoy Easter.  Really, the same differences.  One might think that Mosques are just like Baptist churches, except they wear different clothing.  Some day perhaps, they will all dress the same. Is the urge to sameness an irrational biological urge?  Was Dewey wrong to expect a melting pot to solve neighborhood clashes?  Was P. Kennedy wrong to bus students to other neighborhoods?  Was African Apartheid a good thing?  Was driving the Mormons to Utah a good way to keep the peace?  The…


P Trump and Immigration

P Ttrump has lways been a little skiddish on immigration.  The Wall was going to be built, and if you bothered to check it was no actually built  now this seemed like a sensible policy to use until it was actually built, but also it was possible for the Latinos and anyone else to come in.  They knew about the lack of a wall.  IT was just us- the American People- who did not know.   There were strange statements about DACA entrants that did not jive with his stated policy. WE are now in a fake Corona virus situation that…


What are the Hawaii and San Diego Naval Yards For?

As of Jan 2019, the population of Asians in the US, specifically Chinese was exponentially increasing and the influx was larger than the Latinos from the South.  Then something happened.  Recently, it is believed millions of Chinese have landed here in the US, mostly in New York City, and Washington State.  Washington State first used the COVID-19 virus as a cover.  The problem here seems to be the large number of internal residents that induce them to move here.  The president has sealed their entry however, nothing is being done to stop the influx and their friendlies here from continuing…


China culling?

Trade is nice.  Trade is good.  Cut the trade and ... then what? We know that all trade that mutually favors both partners naturally resumes if possible.  Not all trade is mutually beneficial.  If the trade is downscaled, at it was with China since they are stealing our trade secrets, spying, undermining our businesses etc - it too is natural if they are bad trade partners.  To scale back the trade is to cutoff a certain number of thieves, spies, and commercial assassins.  Could the retaliation be the declaration that the nonessential people in the US be eliminated?  Are they…


Real Press Conference?

People want action.  Part of this circumstance now is finally dealing with financial practices that are unsustainable because we are in a financial pickle.  Fixing bad administrations is now possible.  Expensive programs such as health, education can finally be collapsed and redone more efficiently with considerably less cost.   That is making something good out of a bad situation.  Then there is doing something bad in a bad situation - like holding the nation hostage so we fund international health programs, or vastly expand and finance medical programs that address future global pandemics.  This is not a good time for that. …

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