A State that Borders on the Ocean can Escape by the Sea
US Trade Deficit with China

A State that Borders on the Ocean can Escape by the Sea

President Trump should have rolled into NY State, and set up his quarantine.

However, we have learned he probably did not gamble in the Taj Mahal.  He does understand finance however.  He does have Wall St primping up the stock market, ce ne pas?  In the long run, Wall St does not want the end of the government.  Not actually.  They cannot actually uproot themselves.  How much Gold do they really have?

I watched a documentary about Romans villagers running from the army.  A man showed a box full of coins and gold trinkets, that someone just dropped in the field where they found it recently.  Why did they carry the box that far, and then abandon it?  No one knows for certain.

The head of Apple, a Gay guy said he would run his company from China, rather than stay in the US.  I believe he is still here.  Earlier Apple said it would move its production back to the US if asked, but that was before the Gay guy got a platform.  Without US markets Apple would be finished.

An insider with longstanding knowledge of the financial system, dating back to when men’s clubs existed in NYC, stated Wall ST might chaff at the bit, but … they always give in, in the end.  Perhaps P Trump knows this too.

Here is the trade deficit with China.  Because of their cheating, stealing, and dislike for “bear Faces”, it has almost monotonically increased over time.  Without a radical change in this situation the trade is bad for the US.  IT doth not balance.  Economically, it is unsustainable.  It will end, from what it had been.

We will pour water on Dr Lao’s monster fishie.  We will do the Christian thing, and be self-reliant- rather than stagnant.  I dare to say that only with the Trinity is it possible to raise one’s society, and clearly this former posture was in the nature of a collapse.  It was based on thievery, manipulation, fakery,  and lies.  Every nation must be self-reliant, but none will do as well as we, because that is the way it is.

The fight with the medical profession and the scientific profession is almost over.  Self-reliance is the Christian Way. the medical profession is socialistic and they are paid 10X too much, and scientists these days are all paid by socialist Foundations, and they are paid double what anyone can afford for them. they have to learn to pull their own weight. 60% of our national support cannot go to educated people who cannot work, nor can it go to just making people well.


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