ABC News is First

ABC News is First


Never mind that hardly anyone believes the evening news anymore. Why would the Pravda ABC News come out on top?

One reason is we are habited to watching some news, and many were accustomed to watching ABC News with Peter Jennings. This was a really good news program. It was accurate, Peter asked the hard questions. He even questioned and rightly so, 9/11 events. He told us there was a Jesus. When people look to be informed they gravitate to their news home, and that was ABC. Could it be that people yearn for the familiar, and when Muir mixes in a little truth with his fiction, people want to believe, want to think they can trust him although they know they cannot. Muir is like a bratty brother. He lies to you and you nod your head, hoping the day will come when he will once again tell you the truth and say he was sorry.

WE know ABC today as the home of pharma, and Disney. We get the pills and homo-chills all under the same roof. Can ABC even say BLM consists of lots of homosexuals? Not easily. They have been called moms. Burning, looting, etc – could they tell you Latinos are involved? Not easily. Or that pedophiles work at Disney? If you look a little under the hood, you will quickly realize the quick tongued news reader we know as David Muir is not a principled journalist. He is more like Newsom of California: a contender for a reality TV show with gelled hair.

To be fair, we hope and perhaps they do too, that the day comes that they return to glory, and they triple or double their audience like the good old days. Then people believed in the news, and the bureaus were brimming with staff of diverse qualifications. Since the downgrade the ability to cover the scope and depth of the news has slackened. Today’s audience is of the same order of magnitude as those sick with the COVID virus. One reason they can say anything is that 1) they do not have investigative teams, and 2) no one much is listening. A girl playing her guitar on Youtube has as many viewers. Hence Martha Raddatz, not Cravitz but Raddatz, is on the world desk. Yes, little Martha who does not even have a college degree. Her real ability is to marry well and investigate the military which she does not do any more. Sinclair’s Full Measure is actually on par with ABC in their quality of content, if not actually better at fundamental reporting. I say let Sharyl Attkissen do the debates. She is the only unbiased person out there. The only problem with that is Joe might say he doesn’t want to debate, but mostly agree with foreign leaders. Incompetence will get him the “I hate America” vote.

For you, dear reader, if you want truthful information: ground truth in the midst of a cloud of babble, you can read my posts. Occasionally a guy with a camera reveals something- not a staged thing – but a real event. The guy at Elmhurst Hospital that showed no one there, the day after they declared they were loading freezer trucks with dead bodies, was truly revealing. There were crickets from all the news agencies about this. Knowing what the truth is takes some detective work, and then… it is necessarily incomplete. It is hard to be well informed. I would look to the President and his team to reveal the truth to you for I know he cares about what it is. Actual discovery of news is more likely to emerge from Social Media these days. It has become an important outlet for information the networks would block. Often too, this content disappears from platform censors: a very deplorable situation.

I leave you this evening with ABC’s coverage of drugs to treat the COVID-19 virus. They say the best is Resdemivir. Sure. I like that one- expensive and it takes a slap at the President for suggesting HCQ.




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