Acceptable Reparations Deal

Acceptable Reparations Deal


As the economy slides down somewhat, the Blacks are asking for reparations because of slavery. It was Louis Farakan who stated that reparations ought to exist to help out Blacks to be established in their own land, like Israel. He asked for 20 years of support. He said Blacks would really move there, unlike the Jews who never really moved.

Louis stated that Blacks and Whites will never find an acceptable middle ground.

WE might extend this thinking globally, and ask ourselves, with how many are we in concert? It is an important question. We have open borders, and how many of those really like our culture? All of Western Civilization is 1B people. The global population is 8B. We are only 12%. Our culture is elevated, largely because of Christianity, which coalesced after Europeans were assaulted by Middleastern raiders.

How many people out there like us? There are the Chinese who are racially segregated. The Muslims hate Christians, and promise to destroy the culture of Satan which means, ah us I guess. The Latinos, Africans, and Hindus are similar- resenting us for our relative wealth, hence they have adopted Marxist principles and want to end the US government. They would come to America to rip it off.

The West had been successful because part of its activity included the civilization of other countries. As soon as we stopped this, and let foreigners into the country, we have invited barbarians to live with us, and come they have. Really, when you consider the numbers, we ought to be glad our continent is separated from these other cultures, so they can be managed. Inviting them to our country, is inviting the annihilation of our culture. It is not xenophobia- we are a small minority of people, who must contend with a large number of people who are envious of our success, and alienated from us because of our unfamiliar race.

The problem is not empirism, it is only that we neglected to uplift and convert other cultures, not realizing a potential assault upon ourselves in time if we did not.

We can be destroyed, or we can re-establish central control of our own system. Allowing our culture to be destroyed by barbarians, is a crime against humanity. It is obvious then, we must contend with those who would desecrate our altars, burn our books, topple our statues, destroy our high institutions of learning, steal our inventions, and eliminate our history.

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