Another Migrant Caravan forms

Another Migrant Caravan forms

Seemingly tied this time to the Impeachment, one must wonder what Obama CIA people are up to this time. Were they the pushers down south? Could we ever know? Will anyone ask questions about who was doing what in Honduras and Guatemala?

Stopped at the southern border with Mexico, the caravan members threatened, threw rocks, and shoved what appeared to be police that confronted them at the gate. What is clear, is the “police” are not well accoutered for their task having only small billy clubs, some kind of spray, and small clear shields. I would guess it is only a matter of time before the migrants push their way through.

One might wonder why P Trump did not send them advisers and equipment used for crowd control.

Its always the same- using water as an excuse to break through borders illegally.

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  1. Truther

    This is a train wreck waiting to happen. More migrants, and Schiff acting as though he is impeaching the bad Trump (for the migrants) but doing it so badly, one must realize that Hollywood really doesn’t want to say they are unwanted.

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