With hooligans committing crimes in the streets, can there be an election?

Despite many reported deaths, it Is hard to even tally COVID-19 test results because of the manipulations of the results that exist. False positives and unreported negatives are exactly the same kinds of activities that suppress accurate voter results. The only thing we haven’t seen yet in COVID-19 testing is canvassing for positive test results- maybe getting someone with the flu to get treatment from a doctor who will then say they had COVID-19. This probably has happened though. There is some reason hardly anyone had the flu this season. Someone set up ACORN to do COVID testing it seems.

Conclusion: The Disease is not serious; accurate voter results are impossible. Besides manipulation, there is the impossibility of many to get to the polls. You might be shot, assaulted in other ways, etc. In many democratic held areas- voters are unsafe to vote. We could just nullify votes from those areas and go ahead. If people report the impossibility of voting, then for that area no votes – positive or negative – will be entered into the election. In fact, if the area has already defunded police, or allowed criminality in the streets – those areas could already be discounted as impossible voting regions.

We could just postpone the vote, because of Antifa voter suppression, and COVID. P Trump could serve an extra year, a year that could be used to obtain order. He is likely to win in a landslide anyway. If he retires a year early, it would be the same as an actual election. It is too late for “True the Vote” to work. Troops are needed to keep order for voting. Going forward now is foolhardy as though all is normal. Who are they kidding?


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