Using the Little Gray Cells

 Twelve members of a nursing home in Northern WI all got the Corona Virus. The rates of infection are very low in that region. How does the Virus find people in nursing homes like this? The explanation is there is something peculiar to nursing homes that expose members to the Virus. The obvious explanation is a medical treatment of some kind, test kits for the virus, or a vaccine such as the novel MERS vaccine. How did these commodities get there? The easy explanation is they came from China, namely Wuhan. The question then is, was it premeditated? Well, China…


Mutually Assured Contagion

Give yourself a disease and go to America. You will get free health care and potential citizenship! That was the deal with HIV in Africa during the Obama administration. A new version of this may be in play. I get a disease and I go to spread it in America. If open borders are maintained, there is a comfort in knowing if you live a hyper populated country, you can impose this sort of tit for tat. It is mutually assured cantagion (MAC). It is the neutralization of Fort Dietrick, the destruction of a branch of US Defense and Strategic…


Reopening: Always has an increase in illness

IF you are placed in solitary, and then go about interacting with others - there is a higher likelihood of sickness. This is because your natural immunity drops the longer you are out of the culture. Similarly, hiding away from society to keep from getting the corona virus, makes it more likely when you re-emerge, that you could get sick from the corona virus or some other things. Often attributed to psychological stress, the drop in immunity is actually the result of gene switching, a sort of adaptation to the environment. This can lead to viruses already in your body…


How to get the health Care System to Lower rates?

For years the cost of medical care, from heart surgeries to MRI scans could not be managed, the rates controlled.  WE look around, despite the high rates, they have no business and are laying people off because there are no patients.  Could this be a way to control health care costs?  Perhaps the power has been in the hand of the people all along.  Hypochondriacs, do not fear.  You made it through the COVID-19 virus, and with mental focus, you can bring these rates down.  


Perdition in Purdue?

We are not taking chickens here.  Purdue, is hell bent on reopening this Fall already.  But face it, with distance learning many of these sprawling land grant institutions are dinosaurs, affordable and unable to keep up with innovation.  The promise of these places was to provide an educational uplift for the average citizen, and they have mutated into something else.  Why would anyone want to pay exorbitant rents, and tuition to go to these havens of Communism?  Liberty dictates.  Nature hates a vacuum.  In times of distress, the more economical pathway is supreme.  Yes, I xeroxed books, and I would…


Congress sparks Protests

There are lots of complaints about the recovery package signed into law.  First, many large companies are taking the lions share of the money, including CEOs who are pocketing the money and quitting.  This was done without a screening process, so the intended parties, i.e. small businesses with < 500 employees, are often getting nothing.  The Lakers are getting this money which is entirely nonessential. Additionally, it was immediately obvious the generous payouts to the unemployed, would cause unrest for those continuing to work and facing risks because of the virus.  Well, here it is - large scale work stoppages.…


Voting Day in WI

Voting could be lethal!  Must be a Republican scare tactic!  Get Trump!! Forced to vote by Supreme Court edict, the voters are bound to be rather scarce, and the LAtinos, afraid of the National Guard who are assisting, probably will not be taking Obama's advice.  That is a smart move, using the military to watch over the voting.  They should include at least one person with a M1 rifle.  Hopefully they will be watching the entire process, even past midnight if necessary.  People are choosing to go on bicycle, to avoid having someone ask them for their papers. There are…


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