This is the cover of "From the Depths of Our Hearts," by retired Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Robert Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments. In the book they defend priestly celibacy, an issue that was discussed at last year's Synod of Bishops for the Amazon. (CNS photo/Ignatius Press) See BENEDICT-SARAH-CELIBACY Jan. 13, 2020.


Since marriage and priesthood both demand the total devotion and self-giving of a man to his vocation, “it does not seem possible to realize both vocations simultaneously,” retired Pope Benedict wrote in his essay.

Cardinal Sarah and Back-pope Benedict have reaffirmed the principle of celibacy. There may have been a time in which celibacy was a kind of celebrity. But today it is more likely to be connected to being an imp, without real balls- a diminished human being whose essential self is being denied intentionally.

This strange happenstance of being a greater human, and yet in constant self-denial leads to all kinds of breakdowns. In fact, one might easily acquire the thought, in light of the church’s great shortage of clerics, and that Jesus never imposed this sort of sexual denial, that such an affirmation is really an assent to homosexuality. In this day and age however, when a Gay person can walk the streets unafraid, there is no need for a sanctuary. There is no purpose to maintaining celibacy, unless there is a cultish affinity, like a secret society consisting of Gays who play in the lavender spirit realm with old antiques, bathing together. If that is the case they are not Christian.


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