China: Friend or Foe?

China: Friend or Foe?


An important distinction between the Trump Administration and the Obama administration is how we treat our adversaries. The posture of the Obama people was conciliatory. They gifted foreign countries as though it was recompense for past transgressions. In doing this Biden and his family made money on the side, as did John Kerry. If we were to give the Iranians a nuclear bomb and large amounts of capital, hopefully our politicians would not be making money off such a deal. That would be construed as traitorous. Similarly the Bidens and Kerry again made deals with China to purchase US companies that had military implications benefitting China and its weapons development. Also China was assisted in obtaining nuclear secrets, and rare earth metals. Obama may have been trying to obtain some kind of parity as his foreign objective. He was definitely assisting China with its military. But that the operatives for this would get large monetary benefits from such deals, is nothing short of traitorous. Hillary Clinton made similar deals: one being she gave the Russians American Uranium mines. It seems all Obama’s cabinet were in on making deals that harmed the US, for which they made money on the side.

Dr Fauci as head of the NIH, kept a large contingent of Chinese researchers at NIH. This was postured as a 50-50 arrangement, paid for and maintained by the US government. They were privy to all our research findings. One such study involving the gain-of-function studies with viruses, including the corona virus, was outsourced to China when a moratorium was placed on these studies in the US. This led directly to a more dangerous corona virus and its release from China. Our openness toward China was dangerous, and the consequences of the imposed lockdown have been economically costly. The planning of this involved China, the UN, Birx, Fauci, and the Gates Foundation -and the result for us- basically has been a national disaster.

IF the foreign policy of the US was to assist China in its development, we might ask the question: “When do we stop assisting China at our expense?” Surely the intention was not to destroy the US through divestment, or to maintain a policy that continues to support a one way relationship. China must stand on its own, and the only question necessary is to ask at what stage do we decouple from assisting them? This early stage in the Obama Admin over-invested in China. Like the Iran deal, there was little in the way of concessions from these adversaries. Iran continued to call for the downfall of the US. China too, has a policy to dominate the US, and to expand throughout the world, and is actively engaged in doing this since 1992. The policy of conciliation definitely leads to more belligerency, in order to acquire more in these deals. These anti-american agents like Kerry and Biden, are all too eager to make more deals. They seem unconcerned about legal repercussions.

The anti-American investments of George Soros are to level the country- and induce instability and collapse. Many view him as an agent of the Rothschilds and his purpose is to being down the US government, which is the only entity that stands between money people and all that cheap foreign labor. Amazingly they are hiring these potentially cheap laborers to incite riots- so they are already on the job. Soros is Mr Antifa , but he represents all the global companies – so he apparently is creating riots against himself, but really these rioters are being used to cause unrest, surely to their own personal detriment and to the benefit of the Fascists.



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