China is a bad Trade Partner

China is a bad Trade Partner

China, is a seriously totalitarian, Communist nation.  Their treatment of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Polynesia, and Uighers, ought to be proof enough.  Their treatment of their own people ought to be proof enough.  Now, their treatment of us, ought to be proof enough.

It has not been emphasized as it ought, but China lies, steal, and cheats.  It is built into their business model.  Part of their goal is our longterm destruction and collapse, and we seem to have a dalliance with this possible future.  Recently, it has been noticed that China has used its production to control us and our relationship, and they have a close relationship with WHO, t hat psuyhes its agenda.  WE must distance ourselves from this, and we ought to fear Chinese control over us using its economic linkages.

Some think the fear we have experienced is a Chinese plot.  It coincides with other aggressive moves made by China.  We are in lockdown.  When has that ever happened to our country?  IT is the Chinese plan.  IT is what they presumably did, although we really do not know what actually took place in Wuhan.  We are in lockdown.  The virus spread here, or the idea of it, has paralyzed our country and thrown many of us out of work.  Since when has a trading partner ever done something like that?  What would America have done if England had done this to the colonies?

Right this moment we live in the shadow of a possible future in which China can create any kind of biological trouble here, and it wants to be the only place from which we can obtain a reprieve from it.  Sounds like a forever lockdown.

From such a trading partner, one that is almost demanding what we do, and how we do it, we require a detachment.  We must remove them from our banking and investment.  WE must move away from this, must make strategic moves away from this control.  WE cannot leave this up to Musk and a one off, or Pillow Mike.  WE cannot just be a service economy.  Robots are better than Chinese control.  We must demand a free economy, but one that owes its allegiance to the United States.  Otherwise we must freeze their money, and  kick them out.

WE havre waited for an American plan for 5G.  The virus has made Verizon think they are going Chinese all the way.  They have begun advertizing 5G phones as if our government didn’t exist.  Why is that?  What is wrong with a network that protects our privacy, and cuts off the Chinese from spying on all of us, and adapting their commerce to control us?  Westburg at Verizon is a crazy man, yet he has no American plan- just a Chinese plan.  Charter is announcing 5G.   I feel like dropping Charter.   They are like ZERO, like Howard Hughes.


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