Compulsory Immunizations in Italy

Compulsory Immunizations in Italy

Italy was one of the PIGS, and because of reorganizational debt that left them beholden to banks and the World Bank, they now have a far Left government, similar to Canada’s. In 2017 they instituted compulsory vaccinations, that included 10 types including influenza.

In early 2019, after aggressive vaccinations for influenza in late 2018-early 2019, elderly people in N Italy began to get sick. According to a well-placed source at odds with the NIH, an experimental influenza vaccine was used that contained H1N1, and several corona viruses bred in dogs. Stats from Italy are anomalous, they having many more deaths than elsewhere from respiratory problems. If so, the outbreak has no causal connection to Wuhan, except perhaps the vaccine came from China. We might assume Global Health of the UN was involved, possibly in both instances of outbreaks. Then also, perhaps NYC was another outbreak. Were they all caused by vaccines? This might have caused the mobilization of people from infected areas to other places, further spreading these diseases.

How much food goes to restaurants? Is it so much that a lockdown would cause a collapse in prices, and hence empty grocery store shelves possibly leading to severe shortages? I doubt it. I believe it is a small part of the food supply involved. So one might wonder if prices offered to sellers were intentionally lowered to the point companies dumped their products interrupting the food chain. Was that the intended effect? IT was an induced situation, ripe for blaming it on the lockdown.

Would there be resistance to outsourcing all food production to the third world, under the control of the World Bank? I would think so. In the same fashion as the outsourcing to China caused banks to acquire considerable soft leverage, a further move toward control of the food supply would leave people in the rest of the world who rely on external food supply on a short leash. People believe China is behind moving the food supply from regional sources, to a global source, thus assuring them food security, and everyone else food insecurity. No one would agree to this, so the lockdown perhaps is being used, making people believe they could starve. Then they would be glad to accept foreign food, right?

Prior to the Chinese revolution, 60% of all Chinese were farmers. Many are now superfluous in China- excess population. They are being moved to other places as laborers in agribusiness enterprises in other countries as part of an expansionary move, that also includes its military.

I have said before this is a war. Our elderly population is being killed. If we lose control of our food supply, our nation and its people are in jeopardy. We see the power grab by the Chinese, we have seen the emergence of large greed in connection with the coronavirus, and we have seen domestic companies suddenly push 5G on us. This is an insecure and dangerous path. Our health, and security are at risk. We need to get out of this lockdown immediately and restore our supply chains, under our own control. We must find leaders who will assist us and not sell out.

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