Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing


In Wisconsin, contact tracing was ushered in by Andrea Palm, a Clinton operative of the Democratic Party that works under Tony Evers, our governor. Palm started the program, and the governor was expected to request additional funding for the DHS in Madison. Note once again, people are not asked about this. IT is some kind of party mandate. The governor has nothing to do with creating this program, nor the legislature.

We have seen fake events at hospitals, fake claims about COVID-19 deaths, bad testing results and I believe, fake counts of positive tests. What is the world could contact tracing be used for? Maybe a voter registration drive?

It strikes me as strange, no one has considered the possibility that false reports of contacts could be made to knock people off their jobs, ruining their businesses, locking people down against their will, that is would be very easy to abuse people using contract tracing. I mean, if they used the IRS to harass conservative taxpayers, could they use this process to harm conservatives? Oh, yeah. Certainly the possibility of abuse is obviously immense.

What should the penalty be for false reporting of contacts?

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