Corona Hijack!

Corona Hijack!

Apparently we are traveling up the hockey stick once again, as the number of enumerated Corona cases are tracked- really for the 1st time.  Would anyone be alarmed to see how an actual virus is transported?  Could there ever be enough test kits to test everyone who gets a cold?  Who thought we should ever do anything like that?  Maybe we should do that for every flu, and every bacterial outbreak.  Perhaps we should track the elusive Nile virus along the Mississippi, and of course anything we do here should be done globally, and so – they should actually track it along the actual Nile.  Could be costly, so we’ll just tack it on to some legislation in the US.

Actually, although they tested and tracked viruses out of China, there is no saying these cold viruses were not pre-existing, as all rhinoviruses are, and they emerge when your immunity gets low.

I am glad P Trump is considering reversing the lockdown in weeks instead of months.  Do we really want globalization?  Of course not.  Not of the health care system or anything.  We want a national system that watches abroad for diseases that might affect us, and to use control over our borders to keep pernicious viruses out.  ironically, the tracking of this virus shows how important it is to prevent transmission via travel.  Really, it is a no brainer.  We should not be considering a global health system, or funding one – with our large debt.  But we are, sort of.

Health care is being used as an excuse for global programs funded through the Global Fund.  Ms Birx is a prominent member of this UN fund, that is not held accountable to the US taxpayers although we fund their programs- to the tune of $90B.  Hello Hunter!  Much of this money does not go to health care, but rather to people like Hunter- or other Sorosian buddies carrying out global programs through USAID.  This crisis has been used so these people can grab ahold of the government, and fund their own programs, which they have done from the onset of this crisis.  They do not want to implement any US programs for health care unless they are global, using global organizations.  To them, for example, policy for the US depends exactly on what they want to do in Africa, in that the programs ought to be the same.  Ms Birx and her ilk are crazy, and should be dismissed.

We cannot go forward with lockdown unless we get the stimulus spending from Congress.  This has been held up by Pelosi who wants to fund all kinds of global projects with the relief package.  The same thing was done earlier with the emergency aid, and P Trump just went with it to get something done.   Pelosi may be stalling – waiting for China to recover – before passing anything.  In other words our entire economy is being artificially held up because they have a cold.  THIS IS SURELY MADNESS.

She is afraid if the President goes ahead he will have funding and an ability to startup new businesses stateside.  And this is exactly what we need and desire for our security and our health.  Someone should cough in Pelosi’s face.  I doubt if it would do anything.  Her proposals for this legislation are ludicrous.  Could someone take her to the hospital to be checked out so we could go ahead?

How quickly would China recover, if we lift the lockdown?  Probably, very quickly … but who cares?  socialism can turn its society upside down, but socialists cannot do that here, can they?

( In Italy of all the deaths connected to Corona Virus – one person related there were only two deaths in which they only had the Corona Virus. )


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