Corona Virus – Drug Testing

Corona Virus – Drug Testing

Testing for treatments of the Corona Virus are difficult because the vast majority get better on their own and require no treatment.  Of those with a serious illness, many of them have other illnesses.So to actually see if someone is saved from dying you have to find the few individuals that are dying from just the Corona Virus and give them the drug.

In Italy, someone related that of the 75K cases, 7000 died, and maybe 3 from the Corona Virus itself.  Would HCQ have helped the three?  To make testing statistically meaningful, they would have to have a large number of people to test, and a large control group- maybe half a million cases.  The Chinese test on 30 people in this context is a joke.

A man related he was dying after 10 days of illness, and asked his physician for the drug as a last resort.  He claimed to have recovered overnight, fever gone, and respiration back to normal.  then again, people do not believe him- and have said he was celebrating Festivus.

If the story about Italy is correct, then one might conclude no drug for CV is necessary.  It is also possible that some people recover but with reduced lung function.  A treatment might help them.  What could be done is to give people the treatment in the eastern US, and not give people the treatment in the western US, then compare after there are enough cases.  At least you would know if there is a benefit to taking it.

If you have malaria and the CV, surely it would help.





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