Corona Virus: My state

Corona Virus: My state

The United States has the worst record for controlling the Corona Virus.  We have the most cases, and the most uncontrolled spread.

The reasons are several.  The Virus was kept quiet here for months.  People in NYC for example are reporting full clinic waiting rooms, elbow to elbow back in January.  The sources of the Virus are being obscured, because people are trying  to be politically correct and hide racial connections – mostly to the Chinese, so they can save face.    People like the Jews who do not want to harm their business relations with the Chinese are getting the Virus because they refuse to stop dealing with them/associating with them. They are hiding their exact locations also for this reason, and this means easier infection.

We are also being told we will all get it.  This makes it inevitable.  Steps are not being taken to stop it.  WHO is actually promoting people going about without filter masks.  This happens to be directed at us in the US, since Asians have already dealt with this, and the S Koreans, the densest population on earth,  have stopped it, and used filter masks.  Even in China the cases were limited, and aliens in China were kicked out.  So you see the third world/UN is attacking us with this virus and blue states are going along with it, as a sort of eldercide, and they want to spread it.  The US is a battleground and the virus is the weapon.  How dysfunctional is that?  Many people are promoting open borders despite the pathogen- again these should be entirely shut to keep the virus from getting here, or coming from here.

The same applies to your state on a smaller scale.  All traffic into the state should be minimize to essential goods going in and out.  This stops the virus from elsewhere, necessary to control it.

The map above shows the languages that are the most spoken in every state, excluding English and Mexican.  It is interesting, because it show heritage zones, and these zones attract foreign residents as illegal aliens, or just as visitors, and where Asians/Non Hmong are found there are high incidents of the virus.  Someone said the evolution of the virus in the country is a kind of luminol for illegal aliens.  It proves people routinely evade any control and enter our country whenever they want.  They chose an intermediate country if necessary to evade being screened out.  To really control this we need border screening that works, and people entering the country through chosen international ports as we had before.  In New York, the most commonly spoken language is Chinese.  Imagine that!  Kiss and let Die.

People who have left Hong Kong and are here as illegal aliens  – should have been carefully screened as before at Ellis Island.  After they sit out the waiting period they can enter.  Ignoring all controls has helped to spread the virus.  It is the state that has to step in, and demand controls regardless of pleading from people who do not want the hassle of controls.

It looks like Globalists planted the virus in China, and WHO revealed the virus in America just a few weeks ago.   the Chinese slammed closed their borders, and probably promoted the spread to the US as retaliation.

The Koreans test all incoming people to Korea, making them wait for 1 day before results are given, to also note symptoms.  If positive they are sent for treatment.  If negative they are sent home to self-quarantine for 2 weeks, and forced to use an app to indicate symptoms daily.  This also allows them to use GPS to see where they are to ensure they do not violate the self-quarantine. IF these measures are not taken the virus will again begin spreading.  in the ebola outbreak, Gov. Walker placed an Ethiopian woman in jail to wait out her self-quarantine.  Everyone was amused and happy.  Control is important if you want to go to work, and that is the highest priority, or else in a short time we will be facing many shortages.  Got to do it if we are sane.

We need to get past our political divisions to protect the country.  Now some people on the coastlines really do not give a sh**, and we would need to deal with them.  Many have a loose sense of fealty to the nation or none at all.   The next pathogen could be worse and we need to implement action plans, and that is not the point at which to being discussions.  This fiasco, shows our enemies we are very vulnerable.


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