Covid-Criminals Strike!

Covid-Criminals Strike!

I recently wrote the piece on Crazy Covid crimnals, and noted that these goons are basically terrorizing the communities in which they operate. It was the US Left that released them, and they especially dislike White Christians. In the process of dismantling the justice system, they are also pursuing people, harassing them in their homes, and assaulting them on the streets. Many of these criminals do not have homes, and no allowance was made for them after their release. Many are living in parks and the like and attacking people who pass by.

Most people acknowledge Antifa is behind the street uprising, paid for by George Soros. These come in various flavors. One type is Muslim Jihadi. There are other foreign nationals, some US Blacks that are possibly also Jihadis, and then also homosexuals and their associates who identify various ways. One might see a cascade here- first the virus scare, the fake Black death incidents, and then the release of criminals to add a hard edge to the street mobs, that could all be part of a single plan. There is no doubt Leftists are supporting this mob, and keeping them from being incarcerated. You could imagine some Leftist mobster supported by Soros, fingering community members to knock off. Soros later replaces them. These people are treasonous, and do not respond to our laws but the dictates of the Open Society.

So we are in a situation of having goons squads running around in the streets intimidating people, assaulting people, and the like under the semi-control of Soros, to further his political goals. Let me say, this is not unlike the rise of Hitler. He too ran his goons called storm troopers through the streets, beating up on people who got in their way and creating disorder, showing them his group was a consideration. What these goons today lack is a visible leader. Hitler stated he wanted to arouse strong emotion, in order to force their way in as a political faction. They assaulted the police. They even disconnected utilities to upset people. And if that is not interesting enough, consider that HITLER stated he “could not breathe” – as a result of a mustard attack in WWI – as he fought for the Fatherland. Hitler felt he fought for his country, and his generation should not be pushed to the edge, unwanted in an over-populated country, tormented by intentional inflation, or worked as low wage slaves. His movement could have been called NAZI lives matter. The inner core of Hitler’s goons are thought to be homosexuals. This is fairly natural because they are often first, or close to first on the elimination list. The parallels are striking.

Even more criminals are being released from jails and prisons, in areas under liberal control- their Soros operators in place. There is really no reason to release them. COVID can be held in check with HCQ. That is a far better solution than letting goon squads roam our cities. People in nursing homes are staying put. There is just no real reason to do this unless you want to create anarchy, upheaval, and upset. People in the entire upper west side of Manhattan are packing up and leaving. IT is being invaded and the place in unsafe. These people are affluent but most are quite liberal. How can the national party treat its own constituency like this? They are not valid reps, or they would take immediate action.

Moms are fleeing

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