It is an amazingly dumb thought process, but people (gay people?) are asking why God did I get COVID-19?  If you believe in God, then why did you get this illness?

They are trying to acquire adherents (atheists) by resorting to complaints about people getting sick.  In the case of HIV it is clear: bad lifestyle choice, maladaptive behavior is responsible.  But what of COVID-19?  God, where did we go wrong?  Aren’t we just innocent victims?

We might ask why the Chinese did not care about people in the US getting this virus.  Could it be that we supported an atheistic Communist regime, and they just didn’t care about us getting sick?  Furthermore we developed and supported them in making this virus.  We sowed the Wind.  Not only this: we knew the Chinese use biological attacks frequently as responses to events they do not like, and funded their lab anyway.

IF we cannot get back on our feet soon, we may suffer greatly from a lack of food, believe it or not.   This is even more serious than the virus.  We have shortages, and people are telling producers to prepare to euthanize cattle, and plow crops under.  Is someone worried about this?  Is the Trump administration on top of this?  Are these blockages politically caused?  Is it just a third world scare tactic?  Are foreign residents trying to destroy our food supply?

There is more and more talk about the failures of our governance- and the response to this virus is just another case in point.  No doubt they will find a way to endow themselves in this crisis, and consequently it will become protracted.  The possible food collapse is proving that the systems we relied on, were badly designed, fragile.  And, .. the political realm may be unlikely to repair it.  We might have to solely rely on our local communities to make it, and some of us may not make it.

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