Crazy Covid Crime

Crazy Covid Crime


Here is an idea: if you release people from prison because of a disease tha tis going around, albeit in this case one that is not especially pernicious, and a large crime wave is created in which people are raped, assaulted, victims pursued, and people murdered (not to mention looting and destruction of property), maybe the policy was wrong.

Could it be this crime wave seeks to destroy the justice system because they do not intend to return to prison? Burn down jails, get rid of the police, burn down the courthouse, etc. the question apparently not considered is, what do you do with people who cannot be in prison, and are actively committing serial crimes in the bigger cities? You cannot just let them run around, can you?

In Madison, WI, a place with a fairly low crime rate, all of a sudden violent crime has surged. People are being shot at while driving in to work. There are shootouts in parks. The lesbian mayor is just telling the police to stand down. They are being told to reimagine policing. Meanwhile, according to police:

It is particularly dangerous at a time when city agencies and entities should be working collaboratively to address an increase in burglaries, car thefts, weapons offenses (including shots being fired daily all over the city) and, sadly, attempted and completed homicides too often claiming the lives of young Madisonians.

The police are unhappy and 95% agreed to having “No Confidence” in the mayor. Besides mismanaging the police, they have done little to get people off the Madison streets, not providing temporary shelter. Criminals are just out there, no one caring about them, hanging out in the streets.

What ought to be the standard applied to law enforcement, if serious felons (fully 1/3 of Black males are felons) are just hanging out and committing crimes? IF they are burning down courthouses and jails, obviously that short-circuits the usual civil justice system. You are forced to either 1) let them engage in a crime spree, or 2) engage them as enemy combatants. Maybe you could shoot them in the leg or something. Maybe slip into the past and leave all civility behind, and just cut off their hands. What should the public do? It is as though there has been a large prison breakout.


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