Cut Da Crap CDC!

Cut Da Crap CDC!

If there is a problem with the financial system, you have to fix it.  If there is a problem with the CDC you have to fix that.  The Center for disease control,  sometimes confused with the World Health Organization, is responsible for the health of people in the United States and people outside the US.  They have failed internationally and nationally with COVID-19, have they not?  What have they been doing since October?

China incubates a bug every year.  It is probably our main national heath concern since we have maintained an open relationship with them.  If they have a pernicious virus, the CDC is supposed to advise the president to close the border.  Crickets.  They did not even like closing the border after they knew about the Chinese virus.  How could that be?

Well, in 2005 under Bush II Jr, they decommissioned the National Centers for disease control and centralized all services in Atlanta.  They were to greet the future and extend their reach abroad.   This process, often rather open-ended and uncertain as to its goals, we have found frequently to be problematic.  This is certainly the case with the CDC.   After the Bush transition, it left the CDC in the position of doctors trying to make large amounts of money and looking to foreign disease problems as a potential target.  During the Obama admin they found Obama a willing source of money, and believe it or not, they thought bringing diseased people into the US for treatment was the way to go.  For AIDS is was about a $1M/patient, with 1M patients, well – that’s just one disease, real money.  The Jews milked the Blacks for every dime they could get- the AIDS cocktail being annually 100K.  Its just a pill, …. Gilead then went on to bigger things promoting the same drugs for Ebola, and guess what, the drugs have also been promoted for Corona Virus.  Imagine getting $100K a treatment for 70% of the World!  A drug for all seasons and races! Gilead will own it(i.e. the world).  Under the CDC, they tried linkages to the SLPC, as a possible means to bring in more patients and direct more expensive drugs to Jews.  What are you, antisemitic?

For International treatments, money goes from the CDC to the World Fund.  There we lose track of what it is used for.  Mx Birx, Jewish health advisor to P Trump for the Corona virus, sits on the councils of both organizations and her job is not to doctor as an MD, but to tell Congress or the admin any kind of story that will release funds to them.  That is what she does, now also making a few public appearances for the President.  Initial outlays of emergency money went to the World Fund, for something.  Outrageous uses for this Global Fund money have been adjudicated and often the grand majority of the money goes for something other than health care – often what is deemed corruption.  The money for the Ukraine AIDS went to Soros making Mx Birx a faded golden Georgy girl.  It is being used to take over the Ukraine and make it a Jewish state.  Hey, what ever happened to Rothschild money for this purpose?  Or all those rich Jews and Jewish oligarchs?  Have you seen photos of those poor Ukrainian Jews?  Please give.

Money that goes to Africa, for whatever reason is wasted- there are no doctors left- they have gone to the West with open borders.  Many are working for hospitals in the US.  Clinics in Africa are often empty, looted facilities, appearing like the US embassy in Libya after the attack.  The purpose of this money is not healthcare, actually it can be the opposite.  It appears like there is an international program but the money goes to Clinton Foundation people for whatever purpose they have.  Ask the Haitians about earthquake relief.  So too, the standing policy toward African AIDS in Africa may be the administration of some kind of placebo drug.

(Addendum :  the State Dept is currently being urged by the AMA to supply visas to foreign doctors who wish to come to the US.  This they say is necessary because of a doctor shortage.  This is the same old tune.  They are bringing them in because the JAnuses get kickbacks (see below re: JAnuses).  This is causing med students who wish to enter residency programs from being able to do so.  This  is insane.  Why is the AMA doing this?  These Visas are flooding our system with foreign people, which worsens our medical care)

So forward to the Corona Virus.  Hey, and the Chinese virus may be a good thing.   Thin them out a little.  Internationalists may see this as a partial solution to dire overpopulation.  Could be why the CDC did not see anything over there- even though they should have known, as flus do, bugs can escape from the Chinee incubator and visit anywhere Chinee man go.  Good for vaccine business, maybe, and China man who makes vaccines.  So, this is what health care becomes in a global setting.  then add Mr Gates and all his money.  His concern about a global pandemic to push for global health, and who wants to help Mr Gates: Why the head of WHO, a former Ethiopian terrorist!  He decides to track escapes from China and test wherever they go- to show an apparent evolving pandemic.  His reps count every death with the Corona Virus as a Corona Virus death.  That helps to get people jumping around.  Who what is going on?  One guy in ITaly bumped his head, died, and after they picked him off the floor swabbed him and declared he had the Corona Virus.  Some people’s bodies are filthy: 4 or more bugs attacking them.  If one had been the Corona Virus, then it is a Corona death.  A person could die of AIDS, and have all kinds of bugs in their system including the Corona cold.  An Italian doctor stated he thought there were only 2 deaths in Italy attributable to the Corona Virus itself.  The CDC has not corrected the numbers but is going along with a terrorist, and we are paying them to do that, and paying the terrorist.

It is possible many people were exposed to the Corona Virus last fall and Winter, but it had not caused troubles because we were not terrorized about it, not placed on lock down and our immunity may have been high enough so it was basically dormant in our bodies.  If we go outside as we do in the Spring and chill ourselves our immunity may drop and cause illness.  Say a terrorist chooses the time for the Spring cold season to get underway to test along a track to make it seem like a virus is propagating from travelers abroad.  Testing is limited to a few in the vicinity of these people.  It appears like a spreading disease right?  It is like testing for water in the ocean.

My take away from this, is we need to get back to accountability in national health care, and revitalize our national centers.  The international program through the CDC should be terminated.  Money to the Global Fund should also be terminated.  Ms Birx, please retire.  After she cut her hair short she has not been the same.  Just cause she’s faded doesn’t mean she is an actual doctor.

There is a shadow group within our government.  they are two-faced Januses.  They pretend to be our reps and part of our national scene, but all this slush money that goes international is handled by them and their families.  They have the nod ahead of everyone else and are accountable to no one for these international exploits.  the leader of WHO may have done this mostly to f@@@ the US, and the Januses probably just wanted the infusion of cash.  Hunter, got money for your lawyer?  Does Klobushar’s husband really have the virus?

Perhaps the Chinee people like viruses and maybe not.  We should know if there is an outbreak so we can take effective action.  I do not buy the policy if they get it then we do, like Madonna.  She is a nut and I would never see a concert of hers even if she were giving out gold nuggets.  Watch out for that cracked flooring, honey.





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