Death of NASA

Some time ago a group, that included me, wanted to rend the US Space Program away from the bureaucratic mess we know as NASA. SpaceX was borne. IT held great promise for the revival of the Space Program because it was not bogged down by international politics. There were no spies. True believers in Space wanted Elon, not the pretenders at NASA who did not believe in Space at all. At first NASA was disgruntled, and did not cooperate. Soon the success that SpaceX demonstrated was hard to ignore and NASA was obliged to give up its standards for space locks and the like so hardware could be made compatibly.

They sailed across a silvery moon, but really so does my thumb in their way. Their main objective they said was to avoid a telescope on the moon, and so they kept orbiting the orb: they called it “Mission to Planet Earth”. Their budget just kept going up even as their missions stalled in altitude. They sprawled, and still maintain to this day SpaceX is merely a contract company. The beards that didn’t want the telescope, should have considered that sailing the ocean possibly meant flotillas of pirates might exist. Now they dare saying NASA Space operations will consist of all member nations who sign on to a statement that requires them to divulge everything they will be doing and why. Furthermore, all purposes must be peaceful, this obviously to maintain the tranquility of all space. What these people need is disassembly, that is dismantling of their community. They need a beard cut.

We need to ascend, yea mingle with God in his heaven. As NASA astronauts trembled climbing around the Shuttle bay, I realized they were not going to do anything. The promises of ships constructed in Space were never realized. Finally they lost the ability to launch. The spoiled children of a greater god, were content riding the rocket no matter where it was from. They were just adrenalin junkies. There was to be no Space Station Freedom, only a looped international station. There is a lesson in there for us, for our human culture and its direction. They told us: there is no warp drive, and our eyeballs cannot see well. That is their story. They are not needed. Where are the explorers and the inventors?

Meanwhile we cast our gaze toward a future. Manned flight from the US returns! Elon Musk has shown that climbing the ladder is not easy in itself. One can envision a considerable space culture on earth supporting activities out there, learning how to live on the moon, exploring for materials we need on the earth and to live out there, using robots, and fabricating products out in space. This is a step from picture taking, to commercializing activities in space. Over time we will realize this is more than adventure and folly, but also too necessity. We cannot do this with our hands tied behind our backs, and without promise of personal benefit.

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