Decadence and Burning Cities

Decadence and Burning Cities


We have read in the Bible, of Sodom and Gomorrah, and of Nero. Burning cities. What of this? Why did Nero let the city burn? In his case, he probably hated its denizens- those that criticized his decadence. When he rose to power, the city burned. The same is happening today. Hitler was a homosexual. He too hated the society he grew up in, and when he acquired power he seemed to kill as many as possible- from a sort of internal homosexual rage. The cathedrals burned.

Today we have the burning cities. In DC, the president was under siege. The lesbian that controlled the police let the area there burn, without employing the police to assist. In Madison. The police were told to stand down, as the lesbian mayor told the police to stand down as people were assaulted in the streets, buildings were burned with people inside them, and other run over with cars. In Chicago, Mayor Lightfoot has defunded the police, and wants to keep out federal agents to clear up the street violence. She says it was a woman’s issue. Meanwhile there are open street fights with guns.

Do you see a pattern here?

In Madison they are trying to recall Mayor Rhodes- hopefully to send her back top NY state where she came from. Then maybe the people of Madison can feel safe again.,the%20city%27s%20cultural%20landscape%20than%20you%20might%20think.


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