DeNiro : Purpose Revealed

DeNiro : Purpose Revealed

According to P Trump DeNiro is a little punch drunk from being hit in the head, plus he is not that smart. True, he had trouble graduating from school, any school. Being hit in the head also can cause trouble- like a deactivated frontal cortex with consequent bad decision making. He is also short and there is an ego cpmpensation.

Recall the first response of Hollywood was they were moving out of the country. This is code. the reason they were considering moving out were all the illegal migrants. The neighborhood was falling. There are how Hollywood wants things: to sell movies, and to act like Kings and Queens in public, people making way for where they are going. Translation: “WE do not want to alienate the restless Latinos, but we are taking our tax money with us, as we move out.”

Although many of the mafia have moved out of restauranturing, Mr DeNiro is still into them. The atmosphere he likes is a little dinner music. Who visits CA these days? So when he yells at P TRump irreverently, he is really pleading for help, like a small person would. He wants P TRump to clean up his neighborhood for him, in the worst way, and to save celebrities from this Hollywood Hell. Or he may have developed Turettes. His role in Awakenings is eerily similar- a man with tics and the like. As usual has he based his role on personal experiences?

Has Bob broadcasted another expletive? I hope not. Take your L-dopa Bob, AND MAYBE YOUR HOUSEKEEPER WILL COME BACK.

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