Does Congress plan to reconvene?

Does Congress plan to reconvene?

Does Congress plan to convene or are they going to huddle up, and continue to make conspiratorial plans from California or Hawaii?

There exists a serious breech- people who have no regard for the country, who believe in a Chinese economy and Chino-American money, and a mob run form of governance outside the recognized US government.  Then there are people who believe in our instituted government, lawful order, and a national based economy.  Socialism is an enemy of America.  Disorder is a threat to all of us. These people, hopefully, will be cast out of our government, and their interference with it.

The Internationalists have more influence abroad, and less within the country.   No doubt that is partly why they like open borders.  Soon hopefully, the interference that exists in our country will end.

Why doesn’t someone nab Hillary in England? to stop from making more Netflix movies?  If you were serious about Law and Order, this task would need to be done.  There is nothing protecting her.  More than misusing classified documents, she acted as a spy, acting against US interests and even calling us deplorables.  Incarcerating her is a demonstration of the ernestness that exists to stop the degradation in our nation.  WE have to preserve the Union, and keep our coastlines.  She is probably messing up Boris.

All the globalists are the ones with the illness.  They are fakes.   It is a possible way for them to duck out, and disappear – taking their laundered money somewhere to hide it.  Convene the People’s Court:  Pelosi guilty of taking bribes, and promoting the same.  Give her a cell next to Weinstein.  This is a war to end all squabbles regarding domestic help and their wages.


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