Does the Middle Class Support BLM?
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Does the Middle Class Support BLM?


Why would the Middle Class support BLM? What is apparent is that BLM consists of foreign elements that have aroused Blacks as social malcontents, as well as homosexuals that are still outcasts. So why would the Middle Class join them? Well, one reason is they see DC as a swamp, and this is the only remedy. To them, a collapsed government is the way to rid ourselves of the swamp- all the people wedded to our tax dollars. It is possible for them to join BLM?

I think not. I see Mitt Romney out there, protesting with BLM. Does that make any sense? He is a consummate insider. All of DC is almost entirely united in its opposition to the Middle Class and P Trump. It is them against the country, of the people, for the people, by the people. It is natural that Romney is out there, for they all want our taxes dollars: Antifa, Homos, the Blacks, and Romney. You might ask yourself: “IS DC paying for Antifa to trash our cities, … just to prevent a real Middle Class Uprising, that involves real veterans and patriots?

And then there is COVID-19. It is a fake also. For what purpose? To lock us down. To teach us socialism- to respond to government – if not in mind, then in deed. COVID-19 is also getting the medical community behind our corrupt government. If they can falsely tell say you have a disease that you do not have, they have left the building as far as real concern about your health is involved. When Fauci tells you that you need Remdesimir and not HCQ, he is in effect saying – it is good to be on the inside, isn’t it? The medical establishment is moving from giving you healthcare to managing your health as they see fit. We saw the same corruption in Science with Global Warming. The institution is there to serve the goals of the insiders.

Can we place our trust in P Trump? He is only one man. We are in for a rough patch, for the inside cabal are arousing the rabble, are setting the cadence, and have the momentum. Our best shot is to support P Trump as best we can. WE need to see some prosecutions from him. That would mean a lot.

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