Duality in a Time of Uncertainty

Duality in a Time of Uncertainty

We are all aware of the duality at Google: Free Products but they collect information about you, which they can use any way they see fit.  Even if the data is illegal to use publicly, it can be used secretly.  This is like the government justice system using spy techniques to acquire information illegally, they can use, its just they cannot tell you they have it.  We all know the company “Ancestry“, which gave people an unreal view of their ancestors, but additionally they collected and databased people’s DNA to be used as they see fit.  DNA info depending on how it might be used, ought to be considered very private.  On their public face companies are friendly, helpful, and courteous, but behind the wall they might be telling someone you have a tendency toward violence (which may or may not be true).

It is an open secret, Foundations have been used to construct a parallel government, using socialized control over business creation to carry out its functions.  They often pay no taxes, but receive direct or indirect government support for their activities.  It is getting serious these days, for it appears they might be causing disasters and are not being held responsible.  For example, Gates has recommended stamping each person with a their personal histories as a business operation, ostensibly to keep track of vaccinations.  Obviously this is a type of branding, and a public company should not have that right.  I would assume it was abolished with slavery, right?  Not only that, but often the companies are constructed legally as NGOs, paid for by the government!  This means they are carrying out some kind of business operation, with little oversight, paid for by you.  One might debate the subject of bioidentification as a government function, as part of a public health program.  Here the public has a stake, and a say on what is done.  Foundations should not be constructing NGOs.

Another example is Google providing location information to police.  the claim is made this information gathering is for the presentation of ads, but obviously it can be used in other ways that are not illegal but perhaps ought to be.  IF the police want to track you, they have to show a judge a reason for why that ought to be done.  IF Google works with the police, there is no need for the judge, and no protection of your right to free association in society.  In doing this, Google is usurping the government’s function, a function that ought to guarantee your rights but Google doesn’t do that.  In fact Google might decide they like you, and hide information.  Or they might decide they dislike you, and provide information that appears to implicate you.  Companies cannot infringe on operations that are a matter of public trust.

This leads me to the COVID-19 crisis, that was immediately used by Foundations and their lobbyists, to fund global slush funds that support World Health, and the State Department’s Aid to foreign countries program controlled by the Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation, now paid for by you the taxpayer.   That is why Birx and Fauci are standing there front and center, helping the parallel government subsist off our government’s money.  Thankfully P Trump stopped the money to WHO, but much of the money released as a result of the scare WHO created that went to the UN was not recalled.   The government is in a battle with companies that are so large they, like before, are trying to push the government around and control its function.  TR dealt with this by expanding federal programs, but the government has to prosecute companies that act like they have rights they do not have- for the powers we invest in our government.  A failure of the government, is a failure for our human rights, and protections we have under the government.  WE see our politicians acting like they are totally incompetent, like Biden.  He is a paid agent, who acts that way as if he were an actor, FOR THE MONEY.  Bribed people like this, acting against our government, are paid foreign agents, and ought to be prosecuted.

A clear example of the same usurpation can see seen in the Pope. He recently in a dark fashion, exhibited a secret satanic adherence.  I guess he is trying to appeal to Satanists as part of the new World Order religion.  For awhile, we saw a Satanist in a White angelic garb.  Hows that for duality?  His one world religion really is the destruction of all religion.  He is a fool, but he can create confusion and disorder in being who he is, probably harming Catholicism most, while he continues to be Pope.  He takes money given for the sake of the True Catholic Faith, and uses it for an entirely different purpose.  It is like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.  This is the role we see Mr Gates in.  Outwardly, he is almost effeminate, gentlemanly, like Warren Buffet.  His alterego, is possibly a maniac, grasping, lecherous, like Simon LeGree.


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