EB-5 Residency for Wealthy Chinese

EB-5 Residency for Wealthy Chinese

Elaine Chao has requested a large number of EB-5 residency permits for wealthy Chinese to enter the US and be given immediate citizenship.  With them, there are approximately 1M Chinese that have entered the US since January.  This is not due to a virus, but it is a deliberate attempt to throw the government off kilter- and has precipitated these changes.  This is also true in other places as the Chinese have moved aggressively in the Pacific.

Should Elaine Chao be allowed to give Chinese people citizenship here, to employ Chinese people who have come here?  Is this not an invasion?  Don’t the people of the US have a say?  We expect the government to stand up for us, instead we are becoming Communist as a peace gesture.  they will throw us at these people, and we are supposed to be happy to be employed by them.  they are probably tooling up, while we wait for them, using our business support money from the Stimulus package, right Elaine?  Why can’t they use this money to support US CApitalist people to run these businesses?  Meanwhile we are locked down, as domestic terrorists, despite the fact we are their benefactors.

There still is the 2nd amendment.  At least it is left in some places.



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