Eclectic Nation?

Eclectic Nation?

I watched a news segment about Muslims in Milwaukee.  It portrayed the Mosque as people enjoying Ramadan, like we enjoy Easter.  Really, the same differences.  One might think that Mosques are just like Baptist churches, except they wear different clothing.  Some day perhaps, they will all dress the same.

Is the urge to sameness an irrational biological urge?  Was Dewey wrong to expect a melting pot to solve neighborhood clashes?  Was P. Kennedy wrong to bus students to other neighborhoods?  Was African Apartheid a good thing?  Was driving the Mormons to Utah a good way to keep the peace?  The argument regarding multiculturalism is still before us, many disagreeing on this subject.

We have disunity in the nation, and that to me speaks volumes.  It started in recent history with Blacks who decided to move into Black districts to obtain representation in Congress.  They were separate but equal.  They abandoned Christianity, and many adopted a militant stance against it, as Muslims.   This was the nature of a war, a cold one, and occasionally a hot one.   The Hmongs were invited to live in the US, some having fought on our side in Vietnam.  They wanted to move to America and live here. They had impediments, with cultural differences.  You could see it on their faces- a sense of accomplishment they acquired in our society, living within us, and pride in having our language and succeeding here.

The Jews pointed out that Muslims were not just a religion, that they were part of a system promoting global domination linked to Saudi Arabia.  Many old world religions are this type including Judaism.  These people tend to live separately and in opposition to non-Muslims.  Being supported by us, but being in opposition to us, they are always a potential danger.  the solution is obvious- stop support for them.  We can see them operating in New York City, and Minneapolis, as well as many other places.  They are linked to outside countries to whom they owe allegiance.  Likewise, the Chinese also do not assimilate into our culture, often living separately in their own communities and by their own rules.  There’s is not a state-religion, but rather a race-state.  they often maintain connections to China, benefiting China, and not necessarily us.  Then there are the Latin groups.  Usually under slow ingress, they assimilate reasonably well, and do not have a contrasting religion, or race.  But they have a tendency toward criminality.  Under uncontrolled conditions they have massed large unassimilated populations.  All these groups add to our disunity and chaos within the country.  Obviously this needs to be better managed, and open borders should be closed immediately until these unassimilated groups are dealt with.

The open borders policy was an unmitigated disaster as far as our  national unity was concerned.  IT allowed our enemies to live off us as Russian agents did earlier and still do, while they are trying to destroy our society from within.  Just as an example, take respirators.  Some places said they had a shortage, and hogged a considerable number of respirators.  Others said they had none when they did, etc.  Why did they do this?  Well, they wanted to create chaos, make it less likely others had the respirators they needed.  Some wanted to make P Trump look bad, etc.  Then the question was raised if respirators were even useful, and it was the case people clamored for them as a way to obtain more, or sell more.   they were marginally useful, and often were not even used.  With division it is always like a Chinese fire drill.  People from here also sent products to China rather than assist people here in the US.  This would have been a rare event in the past.  There are so many Un-Americans they support criminals for high office like Hillary Clinton, derange our voting, and divide our politicians.  Wealth abroad is being used to purchase loyalty to a foreign source.  Also, they are penetrating into our universities, government, and participate in disobedience to our laws.  There are also problems within our military.  Dr Fauci gave $3.7M to the Wuhan Lab that created the bat-virus, in China that allowed sick people to travel freely to the US.  We also trained the technicians there.  WE have considerably more deaths from the COVID-19 virus than we did from Vietnam.  The cost of the Vietnam War was half that of the COVID-19 relief package.

One measure of unity is national support for the president.  We are all obligated to support our president as citizens.  He is chosen as a singular leader, and assisting him is a need in time of crisis.  There is chaos otherwise.  Recently we have seen Latinos fake a hospital crisis at Elmhurst in NYC, in order to compel a national lockdown, and its continuance.  This ought to be examined.  Theodore Roosevelt believed in being quiet but carrying a big stick, that stick being balanced by carrots for those who patriotically support our country.  This is what we need to create unity.  Without responses, the choas grows.  WE cannot even get bad felons arrested, and in fact, they are releasing criminals to create even more social stress.

This lack of a response, the non-levying of taxes while they continue to ramp up spending, the continuation of open borders, and support for public officials that take foreign money and are disloyal to the country, are making the American public exasperated.  That they followed a Chinese program for containment that includes a lockdown is contemptuous of our national standards and a foolish assault on our businesses.  That they sprung 5G in a lockdown, almost makes me speechless.  There was a stop order because of security concerns.  This was ignored.  Open and shut cases against criminal public officials, have yet to be prosecuted, and why wouldn’t anyone think this is all collusion with political posturing on the Left and Right to give the impression of choices? Our government cannot defer to the large businesses they have allowed to exist, because they are all led by billionaires who only know how to make money, having little regard for jurisdiction and our Constitution.

We now face a condition in which there is fear that that the meat supply is intentionally being destroyed- the companies run by China and manned by Latinos.  Additionally, of the 12 tests for the Corona virus, the majority gave the wrong result – positive when negative, or visa versa.   There is also a mistake in what they detect, which is not unique to the COVID-19 virus.  All this, may be the result of intentional manipulation.   So too the spread of the virus to elderly rest homes.

These billionaires, like our elected officials, all do the same thing.  They appear to be very nice people, very generous, ingratiating, while they allow all kinds of bad behavior, and engage in this themselves out of public view.   Billionaires are not leaders, and often they are proof something is wrong. Money is pumped right into their pockets- they having little cleverness.  This new breed, makes Ross Perot appear to be a genius.  Too bad he is no longer around.

WE have turned a cold virus into a major disaster, mostly because of disinformation,  and intentional actions taken by partisan groups within the country.  Would space aliens create unity today, or would it be used as an excuse to drive the country into mayhem and self-destruction?   What we need are clear goals, national challenges, and the removal of people who interfere with the nation’s purpose.





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