Emerging from Bizarro America
<> on September 10, 2012 in Berlin, Germany.

Emerging from Bizarro America

Our president faces impeachment removal for non-crimes because Some Ukrainian Jews do not like P Trump’s methodology. This subplot on the American stage exists as part of a wider movement against P Trump and our national government.

A pot that is being heated eventually boils over. Why wait? Today, as the Richmond Gun Rally ensues, we are reminded there exists anti-government forces acting in the country, unchecked. They are backed by several parties including Soros, the ADL, and Charles Koch. We need not focus too much on the pawns in the game. They are small time actors needing gainful employment. There are lots of these cheap jobs, that come and go like a bad itch.

The government hurt the Koch family. Perhaps it should just apologize. But the government and its mandates, ought not just sit and tolerate growing disorder drummed up by Mr Koch. We all have problems with the government. Wouldn’t it be better to fix them rather than try to destroy it? What does Mr Koch suggest to replace the government? Rule by billionaires who treat people like knats? We need not treat the knats like terrorists, we could just monitor and go after the perpetrators of these Antifa events. Plotting against the government was once an offense to the government.

The Ukraine is a mess, as you well expect from a nondescript capture of a bankrupt country. We did not free the country, and make it democratic. The country has been captured by the banks and they want to install a Jew government. The question is, whose Jews? Ukrainian Jews were popping up everywhere causing problems. When President Trump was elected, Soros switched to Canadian Ukrainian Jews. This got the US Ukrainian Jews upset, especially when P Trump held up aid, which is their main playing card there. You know, someone is going to be a billionaire here.

US Ukrainian Jews are fighting back. They got the impeachment going, mobilized Lev Parnas from Michigan, and have the ADL inciting possible violence using Antifa. Soros and his Mafia approach to controlling the Ukraine is at fault here. Imagine the mess. The Mafia there has Russians, Soros’ US and Canadian factions, and Ukrainian nationals. He ought to get out of the practice of taking over countries with Jews. I imagine the people of the Ukraine are suffering immensely for as far as the eye can see. These Jewish groups should leave our government alone, and take it out on Soros. We are not protecting him, right?


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  1. Truther

    Even if Koch destroyed the government, that would not fix his father’s problem w/patent rights. The only to do that would be to refine gasoline himself and sell it. RAther than bring down a gov, wouldn’t it be simpler to work toward ennobling patent rights?

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