Empty Hospitals

Empty Hospitals

Citizen Journalists have hung out around major hospitals in NYC and LA, and it is fairly obvious there is nothing going on there – no testing, no one in the waiting areas, and the ambulances are just sitting around.  Meanwhile in the newspapers they are being told the hospital is stressed out, the ER is like a war room, and cadavers are being placed into refrigerator cars.  The contrast is stark in light of the fact everyone is off the streets.  The hospitals are silent.

I could not say for certain, but it appears there are simulations taking place, involving large numbers of minorities – many LAtino – , instead of the real thing.  Even the police are Latinos. What is missing are actual patients.  A similar thing existed in China- Wuhan, ground zero, and the hospital there was also totally quiet- no patients, etc.

Could it be that these hospitals are fooling the President and the government?  Have the media gone totally rogue?  There seems to be a large disconnect between what they are reporting and the situation down on the ground.

What is the point of the lockdown if there are no people sick? Has the federal government checked to see if these operations are legitimate?  After all – these false claims of illness are causing large unemployment, which is intended to harm our government.  The social distancing is also designed to keep us from meeting and talking to each other.  the reason theyt do not want you to go to the country to recreate- is they want no organizational gatherings.  No paintball clubs!  No militias.  I am considering going outside and sending up smoke signals like I did in the 90’s.


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