Ford Foundation’s Pig investment

Ford Foundation’s Pig investment


IT started out a short time ago, as Timothy Geithner talked about microloaning and starting Asians in businesses, like raising a pig.

Today we face a possibility of being infected with a pig flu virus from China, perhaps as early as this winter.

We have all seen the large 40 lane highways in China. The problem there is scaling up. They copycat a process, and scale it up. Large pig farms exist in the US. Very large farms exist in China, some having as many as several million pigs.

In the US, large farming almost always increases the possibility of disease. The larger the farm, the more likely there will be a problem. If you wanted to break up US farming operations because of poor conditions, requiring the use of drugs to keep animals healthy, then you would definitely want to stop these operations in China.

They are essentially incubators for viruses. The animals get reinfected constantly, and because of the large number of animals, a mutation that will kill the herd is always just around the corner. Similarly for a mutation that is highly transmissible and can infect people.

Shall I dare call these operations unstable and dangerous? Shouldn’t someone bring it up with them?

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