Fudging Numbers: Corona

Fudging Numbers: Corona

It seems like the entire airlines is down, because one pilot has a cold.  Could a country that does things like this, survive for long?

Dr Fauci can say anything he likes.  We all know the numbers are false: test results, and number of deaths.  He can prognosticate whatever he likes, but if his models rely on false information, basically they are rubbish.  What does he say he is finding?  Just so happens he want to continue everything in lockdown as long as possible.  That is not an accident, it is what he and his supporters want- a flimsy excuse to bring the country down.

Is Fauci aware of some kind of global agreement that locks down the US while other countries are in lock down?  It could explain his behavior- going with internationalists, and against the US.  Certainly what Fauci is doing, has nothing to do with science.

The CDC is actually on a sort of lockdown.  They published reports affirming that Fauci is using garbage numbers.  The CDC itself is a corrupt organization, pushing drugs, and bad tests.  Since a few days ago, you cannot get anyone there to talk to you.  This is not too surprising, since publicly Fauci is keeping the country locked down with fake numbers.  What could they say?

It could actually be the case that seniors are being murdered in nursing homes by internationalists as part of their social program.  There are people alleging this, and that there might be a coverup.  If Fauci says there might be a second wave, what is he actually talking about?  It is not a natural process to which he refers because he does not know the numbers.  But he might know people are being killed on purpose, and may kill again.  How many Chinese businessmen visit US nursing homes?  Clearly we need to do our business, and the nursing homes need to be protected.




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