Gay Mills

Gay Mills

Are Gay Mills illegal? Open migration, and neutrality regarding homosexuals, has led to many operations that use children, guided by homosexuals. These children and their personal fortunes are completely tied to these people. In Hollywood children were guided and controlled with the possible promise of stardom. Other operations are like Epsteins- grooming and using children for sex. Homo Mills, when their children get older are expunged onto the world spreading Homodom. The goal is to make the entire country homosexual, like what had been done in ancient Greece. They tried to maintain their Gay population through the use of incubator women. Of course in our modern setting the supply of children is huge. Congress had declared we need all kinds of children, going so far as to pay women in other countries for their children to move them to the US.

Why are we doing this? These children are pooled up in detention centers controlled by various Foundations. Are they feeding the homo mills with these children? Is it illegal? Can a Gay couple request 25 children? Can they come back a little later and request more? One can see if many people are doing this and the supply of children is great enough, it will not take long and you will have large numbers of homosexuals wandering around who know no one, and have no home or place.

IT is already a serious concern because these people are leagued with Blacks in BLM, and are currently rioting. If milling homosexuals is the cause of this, it needs to be stopped. This might be difficult since lesbians especially seem to have gained political prominence in regions with many homosexuals: DC, Portland, and Chicago. In DC Donna Brazile and the mayor Muriel Bowser intentionally withheld protective forces from the White House, laughing as it was assaulted. They apparently have little regard for powerful men, in the same way Tammy Baldwin neglected to assist WI veterans. This radical group has little regard for many people, being indifferent to assisting them, or even openly hostile. We are not accustomed to politics of this nature.

Another concern in this, it is felt that many influential people are homosexuals, and this has made it difficult to stop the Gay Mills. They have the money to set them up, and the desire to increase the size of the gay community to acquire power and control. The graduates of these twisted academies are their close-in warriors, much like the Jews who worked for aristocrats in the past. If it isn’t stopped, we could be facing millions of listless semi-unsupported people who have the general impression they hate all non-gay culture.


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