There is a theory going around- the COVID-19 virus is a consequence of exposure to an environmental toxin, possibly 5G radiation from cell phone towers.

I thought that to be actually preposterous, but the deployment of these networks around in places did coincide roughly with the virus.  This became apparent when Verizon and its associates began advertising for 5G cellular, saying it is very fast and coming soon- this fall.  I thought- how did this happen?  IT seemed while people were focused on the disease, Verizon was out putting up antennas even though P TRump stopped it.  There are a few going up right now in my home town.  I wondered what they were.

The people in England believed there was a link- because of the coincidence of the antennas and the virus.  IT turns out this is fairly common, and often they are deployed in areas where people are oblivious to their existence, often poorer neighborhoods.  they were so upset they torched the towers.  I thought to myself: “Good!”  No one tested these things, no one knows if they are safe, and even if they were they are objectionable because it is a social net that takes away our rights.

But actually there is a reason to think there is a direct link.  They tested these systems first in China.  They are deploying them now in the US, against the law I guess, using Chinese circuits.  As they are deployed, those areas develop the virus.  Environmental toxins can produce exosomes that contain RNA, that are organically identical to a virus.  The reason it is dangerous to people with certain afflictions is it is keyed to a kidney function that controls blood pressure.  The antennas are in Miami, Midtown NYC, Chicago, Detroit – all the places you find the virus. The first city that tested 5G devices: Wuhan.

It is hard to say for certain – but an actual virus has never been found- just material from the lungs of the dead, amplified with RT-PCR, and that could be simply be from exosomes.  IT would be easy to test: Turn off the 5G, and see what happens.  It might be communicated from one person to another through breathing.  Furthermore, they are naturally occurring in the body as part of it normal metabolism.  It is only a disease when something causes them to proliferate.  Just a detection based on RT-PCR would often result in a false positive.

The basic plan of escaping testing and environmental concerns in product development, is bad.  WE did it right before, although occasionally this process went awry with politics.  But this situation in one form or another will arise when you neglect intensive testing.  I believe the Chinese exposed their own people to this radiation to see if something happens to them.  That is their testing.

I could not speak to the effects of other types of radiation on the function of a cell- but 5G may make a cell vibrate, and this make cause it to signal a blood pressure increase to hydrostatically load the cell to prevent rupture.  Are we suffering because of 5G?   What of Elon “STrangelove” Musk and his 35,000 5G satellites? “This is bullshit. So what if we kill off a few stinking electrosensitives?”.  Yes, Elon.   There are probably people who dislike light bulbs because they can make you work in the dark.


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