Globalists behind the Support for the DNC

Globalists behind the Support for the DNC

WE have seen the strange membership of the NSC connected with the White house- people formerly connected to the Mafia and Jewish causes.  P. TRump now has to deal with this corruption in operation in places like the Ukraine.  They, backed by Soros, are the corruption in these countries, and we are being told by them they are ridding the Ukraine of corruption.

We find the same constellation of characters and funding sources connected  with the DNC and the primaries.  They are forming the IT and support services for the DNC, and many are connected to Obama, Soros, the Clintons, and companies like Google.  Immediately in Iowa this underpinning for the Democratic Party is involved in switching votes out for others, and placing in Pete Buttigieg’s name.  Is ButtaBoy the globalist choice?  IS the DNC free to operate on its own without these services?  Why doesn’t the DNC rid itself of this?  There is no need for them to allow international people to come in and influence their operation.  They are a national party after all.  In fact, they do not require partisan companies to provide their services.  there is no need for electronic manipulators- it is possible to mark paper ballots and count them by hand.  It could be that people that shuffle money to campaigns demand the possibly to do so.

These mafia people are also involved in Opportunity Zones, involving globalist investors, locals, and progressive connected organizations.  They would like to make every city like Los Angeles.  Individuals have international connections, many from Latin America, but also other places like Russia, China, India, and Muslim countries.  They provide anything:  drugs, IT, prostitutes, managerial services, hitmen, money laundering, money from foreign sources, or even children.  One Muslim provides campaign money from Arabs, appropriately laundered, in return for promises to lift the travel ban from Muslim countries.  Can they attack the DNC or elcction operations?  Sure, especially if they do not get their way.  This explains the  Pakastani Awan brothers, who worked for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who were used to spy on Republican Congressmen I presume, who walked off with all classified material channeled through their services.  There is the DNC server incident,  and reports of pizza and children.  There is the fake murder of Seth Rich (friend of Clintons, relative of Mark Rich).  Who have been the victims of Jeff Epstein?  Who has copies of his files?

Besides his Gay globalist agenda, Pete is connected with the mob through the South Bend Opportunity Zone.  No one should want him to be president, unless they want to destroy the United States.




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