Go to the Hospital: Take your Shot!
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Go to the Hospital: Take your Shot!

Former Governor Thompson is concerned people will not acquire the proper medical treatment from hospitals because of the COVID-19 crisis. He is asking people, on the behalf of the Hospital Association, to go to the hospital if they think they might need medical help, even if they do not have insurance.

Today at a Union Grove Vets Hospital a resident has tested positive for COVID-19 although he never left the facility. He is also asymptomatic. Like the Laona nursing home where the local rate of infection is very low, the people at the residence home somehow acquired the virus.

Politicians are not discriminating between person to person exposure, and exposure from contaminated medical supplies for some reason. They are saying it makes no difference to them, an infection is an infection. This rather strange attitude is quite different that the general public. We want to avoid the virus . Silly people that we are, we are walking around with masks on to avoid respiratory exposure, and certainly we do not want to see a physician, or go to a hospital with some condition and get sick with COVID-19 on top of it. Our governors have done nothing to reassure us that medical supplies are safe. It think it is fairly obvious there was contamination that affected nursing homes (unless Wuhan residence like visiting US nursing homes) possibly from flu shots, and in other cases it was possibly contaminated insulin., or contaminated test swabs. Have they removed contaminated supplies? Are they still receiving contaminated supplies? A relative of a resident from a nursing home here in WI said: “They all got tested, were found to be positive, and within two weeks they were all sick.”

I would like it to be safe to go to a hospital or get a COVID-19 test. Politicians have done nothing to make us feel secure. In HR6666, there are provisions for contact tracing. In addition Google, or Apple is placing the Chinese Health Services App on your phone using the update mechanism to do so. This is a very frightening prospect for various reasons. Why would they sneek this app on your phone? Because they want to prevent people from going to work, or entering a store if they have had contact with someone who has the virus. So without a test you could be prevented from going places, and even using public transport. You could be forced to find a solitary place to wait out a two week period, and if you could not care for your children, they will be taken by the state. If you cannot afford a place to stay, then you would be placed in a holding cell. You cannot pet your pet. They intend to enforce this with stiff fines, and if necessary prison terms.

Not only that, but… if you have some sniffles and just have a curiosity to get a test, this can start the whole process of exposure and quarantine. You could lose your job, and possibly even your children. As Bill Gates said, “We need to have a vaccine, and that is the only real solution to this. Until then we will have to take other measures like closing the borders.” He is telling you what they are thinking. You will likely be locked down, unless you get the vaccine.

Now let me tell you something about vaccines, and this should scare you as much as anything. Vaccines are not approved by the FDA. They are not categorized as drugs. They are intended to allow rapid application of measures to address a bioweapon attack. These may have to be developed quickly, and deployed. These injections are also exempt from liability for damage to people also- because they were viewed as an emergency measure. Is the COVID-19 virus like Anthrax? It is being treated as if it were, and that is not reasonable. This is not an emergency, and so the wide deployment of a vaccine is not necessary. A quickly made up vaccine, can be dangerous- have contaminants, and be highly experimental. If you suffer as a consequence, it is your problem.

Another factor regarding vaccines is that Dr Fauci’s wife is the person who decides who should get a vaccine, and if they are unsure if a vaccine is effective they might select a group to test an experimental mix. NOW, if you cannot get to work without a vaccine, or might lose your children- you might be tempted to just get that damned old shot, and if you do you might be actually be like a test animal for the vaccine. People do not know this, and might get the shot. The only real, ethical way to do this is with double blind testing with subjects who are agreeable. The CDC and HIH should have no authority to test their brew on you, without your knowledge. And I think a preventative drug is what you want in this case, with the approval of the FDA, rather than letting FAUCI act like Mengele. Not only this, but imagine if the Wuhan Chinese continued to make the vaccines! Wouldn’t that be something?

The real purpose of the contact tracing is to keep Americans in lockdown as a means of controlling our economy, so it is synced as previous to the global trade association. They (Clintons, Rothschild, Soros etc) do not want the US racing ahead and becoming more secure and independent. We need to fight them. They are our enemies.

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