Goin Back to Work!

Goin Back to Work!

For people to exist, they must work.  The idea of not working, because some people might get a cold and die from it- is ridiculous.  You could do such a foolhearty thing for a short time but not for long.  The president could not be more right about this.

IT is probably sensible to compare this cold virus with the flu in terms of how we should think about it.  We do not stop all commerce because of flus, even though some people will die from the flu.   If you cannot work, then you stay home and get paid sick leave.   You do not tell everyone to stay home.    A very high percentage of people do not get the flu, and if they get it they do not die from it.  You could run a race but if one runner got a cold, well- he would be out.  They do not cancel the race.  The race is us, and our existence.

We see that areas where there are lots of illegal immigrants are the hotspot areas with the corona virus.  These are places where people often are not working anyway.  Why should everyone stay at home because of them?  Surely this is madness.  Possibly the best way to slow the virus spread is to quarantine people within these hotspots.  It takes about a week and you know it is stupid to be at home and just do nothing when you are well.

It is quite possibly the case that people within these hotspots are intentionally exposing cadavers to the virus, to create false positives for people who died from other things, just to continue the lockdown, and cause instability.  We should not let that happen.  It is Antifa, and we should not let them control matters with this stupid ruse.   The public statements about fatalities are overstated, the virus being only an assessory pathogen.  Also the public statement about the US having the most cases is wrong- we are the only country that has tested this extensively.  The people who die are obscured as to ID, ethnicity, and cause of death.  Furthermore, maps are vague and do not show precise locations.

(  In WI we just had 10 deaths- 8 are Blacks in Milwaukee County that are suspect, and 1 other was in his nineties.  We are allowing our entire state to be held up over something that is very close to being nothing.  It appears as though some Chinese people from Madison early on may have intentionally spread the virus to Milwaukee, the densest population in the state )

Another silly thing is the huge expenditure that is the stimulus package.  Why is such a huge expenditure necessary?  I can understand $2T going directly to people – although it would be better to have them working.  I cannot understand all the money going to the Fed.  Massie is right.  Why does it cost the taxpayer $13K apiece to get $1K check?  You might ask Birx why.  It has little to do with us and this virus concern.  But there is an additional $4T going to the Fed.  What is that?  Why is the Fed getting this money?  That is $39K per person, for that $1000 check.  If the Fed is just using this to keep the market up- it is a total waste.  If it were going to retooling- that might be something, if they would actually do it.  How much of the Fed money is going to Brussels, or some other foreign place having nothing to do with the taxpayer?

This is a deadly serious matter.  If the country continues to go off the rails- we cannot go on like that- spending tons of money to do a little thing, continuing all kinds of foreign ventures and support when we are basically insolvent.  What could be more obviously a problem, than the stimulus bill?

What the globalists are doing is using this situation, goading on Antifa, and waiting for the public to go crazy when they cannot live without jobs – unable to make payments.  They will try to make the government look incompetent, insolvent, and unable to carry out governing.  This is true not only here in the US, but all over- it is coordinated.  Our country is being assaulted, as well as other countries.  Not only this but … if your regional people cannot help you, how is someone somewhere else going to help you better?  We need to get a grip, take charge our our own lives, and boot the people out that are causing problems here.  WE also need to impose a harder line with countries that are attempting to undermine us.  We need to pull back support for them.  The ship is overladen, and is being skuttled.  We need to fight back- stop the scuttling, stop the economic divestment in ourselves, and lessen foreign dependencies.  We are being dragged down.

Instead HHS is enabling 50K temporary worker visas to bring more foreigners into the country, as temps on our jobs.



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