Have you had COVID-19?

Have you had COVID-19?

Since no testing has taken place in the past regarding COVID-19,  it is possible that people have had this since last November and never knew it.  Did you feel slightly ill?  Have a slight fever?  Cough some?  You may have had it already.  In that case you might now be immune to it.  Half the people who have died from it were from one nursing home, and may have all had Mersa.   If you discount them, there are only a handful of deaths, with those people having several compromising health issues beforehand.

The question some people have is: “If only the very elderly and health compromised people are succumbing to this, why is it being treated like the Spanish Flu or a Smallpox outbreak?”  That is the million dollar question.   At least one reason is “the World Bank” wanted to make a big deal out of it.  There are other possible reasons.  One person claimed it was just another form of impeachment- taking up the president’s time, keeping him off track.  They want him to fund a testing program for an outbreak that is already too mature for testing, that involves a virus that does not require any special treatment.  Isn’t this wasted money?  Wouldn’t it be better to wait for the next one?  Maybe it would be actually pernicious.  We did learn from P TRump, the importance of sealing off entry, as a means to throttle exposure way back.  As a result the US has fewer cases than Poland.  This is not the president’s agenda- it is the globalist’s agenda.

Hey, if you have a closet full of toil;et paper, and you would rather use that space for something, I will buy a few rolls off of you for 1 cent/roll.  Early bird gets the worm.

For all appearances, Bill Gates and the Chinese instigated this- as a scare they began in Wuhan.  Its purpose was to scare the Chinese out of that region and scatter them, then to alarm the world of a pandemic … as a method to prep the world for such an occurrence.  It has fizzled out because apparently it had been spread earlier to other places and generally it was discovered to be a fairly innocuous virus.  THEN the media kicked it up and hyped it as a pandemic after it already was known to be otherwise.  This is where we are now.  Someone should be held responsible for creating the helter skelter situation, deranging our lives unnecessarily, and costing the public a large amt of money.  Some people declared that our lives should not be run by a motley assortment of billionaires. The first person that should answer questions is Bill Gates: it was his virus.  “Little bad Billy” created quite a mess.  He foisted a fake pandemic on the US public, and may have staged the deaths at the nursing home.  Causing pandemonium is usually a basis for serious public censure.  It would not be the first time that a president talked with the heads of the media networks and told them what he wants from them.  They too  are fostering a public calamity.

What is clear regarding the Chinese- some Jews tried to say 15M people must’ve died and perhaps were cremated.  That is ridiculous.  They moved slightly away except for those with international linkages.  They just moved to those locations abroad.  They acted as if borders did not exist.  My guess despite P TRump’s ban, they also traveled to the NW US.  Why wouldn’t Gates arrange that- since he arranged everything.  Their migration may have been ongoing for some time.  China for its part, seems to have shocked and panicked the entire world, after relocating many of its people elsewhere.  This is no accident.  They must feel as though they can do things like this.  Who dares to stop them?



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  1. Truther

    They are acting like this is a crisis- but it is not. Wolf!! Really, a wolf!! In Champlain, ILL – the mayor has gone bananas- closing bars, stopping the sale of alcohol and guns, and threatening to seize property.

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