Huddling UP

Huddling UP


In what appears to be a major Corona Virus outbreak in Latino areas, some Democrats are blaming Trump for not being more aggressive about testing. There is a joke that the virus is spreading through candy bars.

Why be afraid? Why not a joke about the Corona Virus? Why, because there are no police in some areas. Prostitutes and drugs have never had it this good. There is some raw street action. Man, it is like a big block party. LaBamba and Cinco de Mayo every day!

Siesta, then Fiesta. You see the problem with Actor politicians is people believe they just make speeches, like Reagan.

But the truth is they are scrambling for funds. Good thing there are no cops. Where they can, they are huddled up. There is a start of a reversal- a return to Latinium. I would imagine if they wanted to live in a lawless country, they could have stayed home.

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