Ideological Lockdown

Ideological Lockdown

According to one source at CNN (a grad of Dartmouth), they have been in ideological lockdown for some time preceding the Corona Virus.  High profile people are reporting they had the Corona Virus, for example, just because there is pressure for them to go along (or they are out).  We now see how these fake events go at the networks.  There is no free choice there, no mental conscience employed in deciding what is proper to tell the public.   One must wonder how organizations like CNN continue to exist this way.  I guess it is because COMCAST pays them regardless.

What reporters are doing is negative reporting- rather than be an invisible reporter gathering information who present this publicly, they are people going incognito(i.e. posing as a plumber), leaking information to the public anonymously.  This too is nothing new.  IT has been going on for at least a decade.

Did the COMCAST lockdown presage the lockdown of the total public?  Well, you might wonder why people are just sitting in the shadows, afraid of the invisible enemy, and not much aware their primary rights are being violated.  You might think Brian Roberts and his company really aren’t even needed.  Beady-eyed Brian gets his instructions from people at the Clinton Foundation and from anonymous sources at the Synagogue, neither group caring much about freedom- that is needed to express one’s views (1st amendment really) and add intelligence to public awareness.

According to the source, it started with the expectation of going along, and reasons were given.  Then, it altered to no reasons being given.  Finally, they created palpable fear in a reporter for noncompliance, of defamation or even arrest.



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