Laughing at the Corona Virus!

Laughing at the Corona Virus!

Will 5G turn the corner for socialists/globalists?

Imagine self-driving trucks.  Who can stop Amazon then?

Even though 5G is no laughing matter, what is to some is that to them it appears that the socialists created the COVID-19 pandemic (and it appears to be a fake if not in totality, at least in magnitude) in order to keep people from talking about the end of globalism, and taking action.  The medical community supports this, and the media because they financially depend on this according to the old prescription.  AS soon as the pandemic is over, they are finished, whether or not they have self-automated carts.

The question is, how many laid off people are actually going back to work?  With the 5G system in, will robotic systems and AI be replacing many people?  IF so, are they preparing to stop a backlash?  Clearly people do not want a social net linked to China, and they do not want Chinese ventilators either.  The pandemic has backfired.  P TRump’s rapid response shows he has the right stuff, the proper instincts: The premier way to stop a pathogen is to close your borders.  Take a poll if you dare.  Almost everyone would agree.

I am not against robotics necessarily, but I am against their use without our consent.  I do not want them to be merely an extension of the oligarchs overshadowing of our society.  What kind of deal will we have?  Just Replacement, telling us we are not wanted?  Will they lower prices?  Will the machines pay taxes?   What is the social contract?  Without one, basically you get nothing.

AS for Maugh Kennedy- she chaired the Institute for Human Virology at the University of Maryland.  Was she going to sing about the plandemic?  Was there a fight over sneaking in 5G? Boop.  The daughter is gone.  Was no longer on the ball.






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