Lawless America

Lawless America


I first noticed serious departures from federal law at the University. My advisor channeled $2M dollars from NSF to NASA, violating the direct order of President Reagan to withhold those funds. My advisor also acquired money from Russia, an unaligned country, to pay for his chair. NO doubt this was recompense for services rendered. I could not believe it. He just seriously broke federal law again. Could he get away with that? IT was hard to get a Congressman to answer the question. One said, “Well I’d leave it up to the dean. IF its okay with him, then I would have no trouble with it.” The dean in this case got a fraction of the overhead money the department received, as augmentation of his salary, so … he had no trouble with it. No one would prosecute the case. What is the use of having a law against receiving foreign money in academic departments, if no one does anything about infractions?

And so forth. Next Bush II was asking for direct money to the Carlyle Group, and coaxed Mexacalis across the border, saying Jeb’s wife did not like paying duties when returning from Mexico. They gradually reorganized transportation and border protection, and openly told Latinos to break US Customs law. This lawless streak did not end until the Fake attack on NYC happened on 9/11 so soldiers would enlist, and we were embroiled in the Iraq war. Now these former soldiers have to worry about being killed by Muslims that have entered our country legally and illegally. No one was prosecuted for 9/11. Bush was surprised for real, reading there with the kinders. They forced his hand, as Kennedy was forced at the Bay of Pigs. No one prosecuted. It was the first national breakout, and it included the media that largely went along with the ruse. IT was not a national ruse however. Order was not restored.

On the hockey stick of lawlessness, soon thereafter we had Obama advocating all illegals could vote to support Hillary Clinton, and Hillary Clinton deciding for herself apparently, she could use her own server, and distribute classified information as she saw fit. Yada, yada, elected officials are advocating the removal of all law enforcement so whomever wants can loot, and assault, and do whatever the spirit in them suggests. Lawlessness moved from the upper sphere of our society, to the streets. People who were totally ignorant of the law, or just wild, could feel at home. IT was advocating total disorder. I have found out for the last 15 years that many cities abrogated state law, as did counties. No one was prosecuting anything. Groups would just go rogue. Do you believe the possibility exists that on some remote tract of land in the US there is the sale and trafficking of children? I would be surprised if this wasn’t the case.

This disorder must be stopped. The law needs to be respected. The government provides standards so all commerce is fair and organized. It sometimes goes too far, but the standards it provides are essential to economic efficiency, public health and safety. Who in their right mind would want to throw it all away? Foreign encroachment threatens us. We need to stop the disorganization.


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  1. Truther

    This c19 BS only happened because we are so disorganized, and do not successfully prosecute anything.

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