Loss of Identity:  A National Crime

Loss of Identity: A National Crime

Ten years ago it was felt that England would be entire transformed in 1 generation because of the high birthrate of the migrants in England.  People were perplexed.  Their leaders were not interested in the defense of their nation.   With the Brexit vote Britain affirmed its desire to defend itself, to stop the migration into their country, and not be entangled into arrangements against their will.  Will multilateralism destroy their national identity? Could Europe be lost to Islamism, simply because they had not the will to affirm who they were? Could they let their leaders in effect sell out to people in the Middle East?  Would they lose their beautiful accent?  Would their history be erased and forgotten?

Some feel it is too late for them to recover.  They failed to have their children.  They did not defend their homeland.  What can they do now?  Are they not too weak to recover, as the Queen might be if she got the Corona virus.

Even so, the core of England is still intact say some.  We simply have to have the will to affirm our identity in face of the odds and start the reversal.  If they propagandize for the opposite, the national mass must walk away from dependence on the government, and make their land English again.  They must be stronger than the Muslims who would transform their country.

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