More Domestic Babies?
William and Sara Osborne

More Domestic Babies?

Will all the lockdowns produce more babies?  Well, we will know in December.  I would guess that people concerned about a possible Depression are trained to avoid pregnancy without positive expectations about the economy.  This is what separates the civilized from the unsanitary.

Instead we are “exploiting” foreign labor.  Their outlook for the economy is positive generally, and I would expect they are having babies.  What we need, therefore,  more than anything, is a sense we are moving toward more security for ourselves, and a progression in our own productive capacity.  Instead, people feel shaken by this Corona Virus.  There is a big economic uncertainty, and a sense our economy could be collapsing.  IS there someone who is poking holes in condoms at the condom factory?  Not likely.

Instead we live in frustration, staring at our computer screens.  I see a story about two Spiggers in Madison, who killed two family practice doctors because they were told it would be better if they had not been born.

We have to decide if we are building up our own country and lifting all boats with us, or continuing to build up the third world at our expense.

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