Mutually Assured Contagion

Mutually Assured Contagion

Give yourself a disease and go to America. You will get free health care and potential citizenship! That was the deal with HIV in Africa during the Obama administration. A new version of this may be in play. I get a disease and I go to spread it in America. If open borders are maintained, there is a comfort in knowing if you live a hyper populated country, you can impose this sort of tit for tat. It is mutually assured cantagion (MAC). It is the neutralization of Fort Dietrick, the destruction of a branch of US Defense and Strategic Forces.

According to a document acquired by Polly St George, the deliberate spread of a lethal contagion was to start the elevation of UN Global Health control, and Fauci was a part of this plan. Through the World Bank and Global Health, a virus was spread in China and the Chinese were allowed to travel to the US. Not only this, but it is possible that Chinese agents were the spreaders and they are still in the country. it is entirely possible they have intentionally spread the corona virus in nursing homes throughout the US. There is to be a second event, so according to their plan, something else is in the works, to be perpetrated on the US public.

How does this work? Well, Fauci knows all the UN plans and he is sitting in the lap of the president watching his every move. He provides the public coding for the triggers of events, and people in World Health then spread the word to their agents in the US. They can make the cases do increase at will, stage any fake situations within the country, etc. We are under attack. It appears that pharma, in conjunction with internationalists from universities hope to fund their control of global health by using this pandemic- the first thing was
Congress funding not Americans, but rather World Health. Congress blessed Americans getting this virus. Global Health gained some cred by attacking the US, getting away with it, and appearing to gain from doing this. The money they acquire eventually gets back to pharma, and vaccine producers – hence the strong drive for expensive therapeutics. They spread the disease, obtain federal money, and provide the vaccines. It is a health complex that includes health care, and international politics.

Not only that, but the lockdown was carried through based on the Chinese plan. So if China exposed its own people to carry out the plan, then the hope must’ve been the US would lockdown. They might use a second wave attack to keep us in lockdown, to produce mayhem here – shortages and financial meltdown. IF so, China, with the assistance of the UN is attempting to cause the destruction of our nation, and our nation’s support for its people. the virus, with political pressure, provided the shock some people think they need to bring the US down.

We should emerge from lockdown ASAP, and kick as many Chinese agents out as possible. They should also remove all Global Health people from P TRump’s group and the CDC, and use Fort Dietrick and the Pentagon to clean up this mess. We may blame China surely, who is using this as insurance against a biological attack, one they fear because of SARS. Secondly, if Gates was involved in deliberately spreading the corona virus here in the US, he should be jailed, and then tried for capital murder.

We, in the US, believe we have a say in how our health is managed. We certainly do not think it is up to the UN, or China, or a corporation. IT would be sad, to think our lives could be forfeit for one reason or another.

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