National Security Investor

National Security Investor

Rockefeller did everything to establish a railroad to the West coast to bring in Chinese goods.  The golden spike was hammered in.  Something happened in China.  The Chinese trade went away.  America was plunged into a depressed state.  There was no other plan.

What the nation needed at that time was a super American investor.  Plan B is completely necessary as WWI and  WWII pointed out.  The aftermath of insecure trade can be depression and war but it doesn’t have to be.  Perhaps hedge fund action abroad is fun- I could not say – but couldn’t retooling before the crash, re-establishing businesses that shore up a nation’s security also be fun?  How about  crashing Chinese businesses and building up businesses in the US that operate in an American Way, that are secure from foreign corruption, that produce products US citizens control and are not tools of a global socialist state?

US finance is stupid – they are continuing using the same paradigm and it is nearly over.  The latest: using US funds (even from the emergency health fund) to provide operating capital for hedge funders to destroy existing Ukrainian businesses and replace them with Jewish ones.  Isn’t that fun, creating another ISraeli state using funds from America?  Who even cares about moving there?  Weren’t all those Poles killed at Auschwitz?

There is also a need to transfer outsourced business from China to elsewhere – maybe Thailand or Vietnam – for trade that doesn’t affect our internal security.

Just imagine – G5 electronics that you control, not intended to control you.  That is a bridge too far to broach.  Not to mention the diseases that come over that China does nothing about.  MR SUPER AMERICAN INVESTOR, who are you?

(you would think someone into all those defense dollars might have an interest, right?)

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