Nicaraguan massacre

Nicaraguan massacre

International reporters have finally told us something about Nicaragua- so it must reinforce main stream dialog.  Otherwise there is nothing coming from there.

In Peru and also now Nicaragua,  land set aside as a refuge or study area, is being invaded by people who are using the resources, stripping the land of forest, planting, and generally taking possession by force.  Just now, 80 so called settlers invaded a Nicaraguan Biosphere within which indigenous people were murdered, some taken hostage and homes were burned down.  According to the people of the Biosphere this goes on, and the government does nothing.

The reason we are hearing of this, is that protected land often brought under this status by outside parties such as the UN, or different environmental groups, is being lost as people in those countries grab the land back for its resources.  This is a continuing process that has also happened in Africa with its nature reserves.  AT what point is a line drawn to protect the ecosphere, that is land that has not been scraped clean for its resources, all nature removed?  When they draw that line, it will probably result in civil strife, or a demand from the government for social support.  At least they did not aid and abet a major fire like they did in Australia, to clear the land, and displace those lazy Maoris.

Greta, are you listening?  How dare they just go in and burn down virgin forest and murder indigenous people like this?

It is people versus the ecosphere.  People believe God will provide, so they kill the natives and take the land.  But in case you haven’t noticed, we have not figured out how to live on the moon yet. so if we destroy nature as they are doing in Wuhan and this spreads all over, we die.  The world is finite and is rapidly being consumed.  These indigenous people are better caretakers of the land, living sustainably and conformably with it.

The socialistic Patrones see a plum, with nasty people living there who do not share.  Land management is the answer. They are encouraged in their thinking because they are being crimped by Mexico and the US, so they cannot just run people off like they had before.  After their nature preserve is usurped, their population increase will lead to either fighting or eating less and less, and poorer sources of food.  Time for a disease somewhere in there.

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